Gengar (kidgengar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for the ThinkGeek Gengar Kigurumi!

I really want this Kigurumi for Halloween this year for trick or treating! Unfortunately, it came out last year and I had no idea about it. Now it's nowhere to be found. I found one on eBay that sold in July for $70 so I'm looking to spend around that for a new one or less for used. As far as used goes, as long as it's not faded or damaged, I would be willing to buy it. I can probably fit any size but M to L the safest sizes for me. I want this one instead of a custom because the spikes on the back are accurate. I wasn't able to find an accurate custom. Alternatively, I can be contacted via my Twitter or Discord at Gengar#0604.

Thanks for looking and stay spooky!

Click me!

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Tags: gengar
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