kittycollector (kittycollector) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for these things

Hi everyone!

I have a few things i've been looking for for quite a while, so i thought i'd post and see if anyone is selling them here!

Without further ado:

MPC plush: Volcarona and escavalier

Kids: pineco, shuckle, Ninjask, Spewpa, Charjabug & pheromosa & Buzzwole (if they have kids yet?)

Genesect BW metal coin - copper

Chara metal charm - secret rare

Large can badges - i have the bugsy version, but am looking for: Janine, Burgh, Roxie, Alder, Viola & Aaron

Genesect BW metal collection coin - Copper
Looks like this ^ I have the silver, gold & bronze (brass?) versions but after like, 5-6 years i'm still looking for that elusive copper coin T_T

Chara metal charm - secret rare
From this set. I haven't been able to find a proper picture of it, but the secret rare is genesect in its extremespeed form on a blue background.

Large can badges - Janine & Venomoth, Burgh & Leavanny, Roxie & Whirlipede, Viola & Vivillon, Alder & Volcarona, Aaron & Drapion
bugsy badge.jpg

Thank you!
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