DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lots of Gets

 So I got a huge box in the mail and decided I'd share the unpacked contents with all of you!

Sometimes I really love the way services pack items where it's a bunch of things inside one box! It's Like Christmas!!!

So I went on a little bit of a shopping spree on Mericari. They just had SO MANY cheap items that I didn't have so... I bought them all!!!

Let's get started!

Starting off with some stationary! I only bought it for one little thing in the you spot it? Hint, it's not the Entei Pan sticker!

I feel like I should mention here, anything in "lots" with stuff I don't want is available for buying!

Cute little skitty pencil! Not sure what it's from, but I love little misc finds like this!

Next up! I didn't know what this was going to be at first, but it came in a cool shiny art tcg pack

Oh right! I finally found this little keychain! Idk why I've had such a hard time finding one! I have a lot of keychains I just still can't seem to find!

Next some clearfiles! They were much bigger than I expected!

Can you guess which clearfiles I wanted? These were much larger than expected!

Next on to a handkerchief and something I'm not sure what it is but it's neat!

SHINIES!!! And, look at the little heart shaped Entei!!!! I'm not sure if there's a shiny Entei in there or not but I don't want to opening it >.<

I got a my 251 sticker card and it came with THE CUTEST washi tape!!! I will most definitely be keeping this adorable tape!

Next on the list:

An Entei coin that has been around for a while, I've just been lazy with buying

A 3rd movie mini card thing! It's shimmery! It's difficult to tell from the photo but it's soooooo pretty!!!

Now some things I've been eyeing on eBay, but never wanted to pay those ridiculous inflated prices!

Card Deck holders!!! I have another one coming of the 3 beasts running with the tower in the background, it's just not at the warehouse yet!

A my 251 box!!! I know a few people had been hunting the boxes for 151, so I'm really happy I got this so cheap! I bought the black one from wakuwakumono and am waiting for that one to come in the mail!

I'm so excited Entei got a "long" end! :D He's perfect <3

A super cheap little plastic pouch thing. I'm sad as it looks like the black on the underside of the plastic stained the image :C

Last item in the box!!!

It's a 3 beast BOWL!!! I thought it was a teacup! But no, it's a big bowl!!!

Comparison to my Roy Rogers cup XD It was SO much bigger than expected

Some other random gets:

Torracat blue thing and a skitty usb stick! Gulpin and Wailord are available for buying :3

Thanks for looking with me! I hope you all have a good weekend!
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