zeraora (zeraora) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Eevee Plush Recommendations!

Hi everyone! Lately a friend of mine has been feeling very down. I'd like to cheer him up with a gift. He is not a collector by any means, but he really loves Eevee. So I'd like help in narrowing down my options when choosing a good Eevee plush for him.

I'm looking for recommendations on Eevee plush that are more on the cuddly side with super soft or fluffy fabric that feels nice. Something that's comfortable enough to hug I guess. Preferably something around 12" in height but size is not as important as the cuddle factor. And preferably something that isn't valued at over $20 shelf price and isn't difficult to find, so I guess something released this year or in the very recent years.

So far these two plush (red box Takara Tomy and Mofu Mofu Paradise) have caught my eye. For those of you who have either of these, would you say these plush would fit my preferences? Or are there other Eevee plush out there that are more suitable?

Thanks for any help I can get and have a wonderful weekend :)
Tags: eevee
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