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Mid-Summer Gets! (Plus sales)

Hello everyone!

I'm back with another collection update to share with you all.

But first, a preview :D

Next are my SALES which got new items with lowered prices, and can be combined with my OTHER SALES!

So many new plush sitting on the coshion <3 I need to get more shelving for the eeveelutions.

Loving how the colors pop out with this photo.

First are gets from the Pokemon Center. Mainly eeveelution pixel stuff that were released, and a midnight Lycanroc pokedoll to complete the evo line.

The pins are my favorite <3 I think this is my fav lanyard.

Went to Hot Topic to pickup my Nomwhal, and saw that they had the Squirtle pop. I had to nab him!

Now I've got all 3 starters. I'm mising pikachu, cause of scalpers. x)

Thank you Leo from fb for picking these up for me! I adore all the bows on the archeologist Eevee tail, and the mascot eevee is so cute! I love watching the videos of the eevee costume antics on Twitter.

Thank you polahbear for this group of pokedolls and mudkips, and even the Metalgreymon figure <3

I love the design for Dewott, and I love how you can place little things on lotad. Marshtomp is such a unique pokemon for this Surf promo, I'm glad that such an overlooked pokemon got promoted in this.

Double the Mudkip, double the fun! Love the clean redesign of these guys. They're slightly bigger then the former kid figures.

Went to Gamestop to make preorders, and walked into the mployees playing with the floppy Magikarps. I had to walk out with one, since I love Magikarp.

It had taught me how to be completely useless lol

Gets from my middleman! This haul was a huge one, from a tiny box. Mainly digimon stuff, but got a few pokemon things, such as the mini blinx espeon, zeraora, and pukumuku plushies along with the acrylic marshtomp surf, and re-ment japan terrariums vol 2.

Re-ment Alola Terrariums, vol 2! I wanted all, but 1 (which is for sale) from this box set, so I bought a box for myself.

I'm in love with the S&M anime, and have been watching it, ever since it started. I'm glad they kept up with continuing the terrarium line with these.

Picked up my preorders from gamestop, and got new pokemon amiibos!

Just need to get the Incineroar amiibo coming out in November, then got them all (Minus detective pikachu)

My fav def has to be Ivysaur, he seems to be the most detailed of the whole set.

Thanks again Leo, for these awesome pickups! Sobble will be my starter for Sword & Shield, and he's my first gen 8 pokemon in my collection.

Love the halloween plush. Suprisingly, I prefer Lucario, despite thinking I'd love Celebi more.

Shiny golden pikachu is unique, and love the cafe kanto plush. I think Meowth is my fav of the bunch!


Now time for work gets!

Mangas, and pokeballs!

Super dirty Charmander, when I brought him home, I gave him a good wash.

He was stuck on the wheel of a cart, and dragged through the rainy parking lot.

A bag full of worn out pokeplush were on their way to the dumpster, until I saved them. It took me a while to find their missing memeber Froakie, 2 days later.

Brought all of them home, and found Froakie. Sorry for poor quality photo, it was raining at the time.

My co-workes threw these at me XD Jigglypuff is a bootleg though.

Found this guy in the trash pile, and saved him. He was the TRU explusive, before it folded.

Lastly, this pokemon hat!

Thanks for reading/looking everyone, next update will be huge! :D

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