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Poketober! (pokemon inktober)

hey! i know im a lil late and this might not be the most original thing to post but i wanted to challenge the community to this poketober list i created (again, super duper not original) ill be posting mines daily to my own journal and when october is over ill make a post on the community!

i hope participants (if anyone) can share down here their igs or even their inktober entries or whatever platform used to post them.

im gonna start by sharing my art ig, where you can find the entries ive posted so far https://www.instagram.com/gattagati/ 

ill also include the list i made but you can of course do your own list, this one is just for reference and in case anyone wants to use it as well:

1) normal type

2) fighting type

3) flying type

4) poison type

5) ground type

6) rock type

7) bug type

8) ghost type

9) steel type

10) fire type

11) water type

12) grass type 

13) electric type

14) psychic type

15) ice type

16) dragon type

17) dark type

18) fairy type

19) starter pokemon

20) eeveelution

21) kanto character

22) johto character

23) hoenn character

24) sinnoh character

25) unova character

26) kalos character

27) alola character

28) galar character

29) ash rival

30) team rocket

31) legendary pokemon


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