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Big Collection Updates (Part One)! Plus my first Instagram Account

Hello everyone! It has been a very busy few months of collecting and I am so excited to share with you all my new additions : ) 

But before I do, I wanted to share with you my new (and very first) Instagram project. As some of you might know, I have exactly eight months to finish writing my dissertation, which means every day I am sitting at home, or in a cafe, or in a library, writing. The days can get long and hard but my Pokemon collection has been a constant joy, and just looking at them, as they sit on my desk, or by my bed, or on my windowsill, gives me such happiness as well as the strength to write just a few more words. My new Instagram account is where I am posting, every day, one photo of my collection. I have been having so much fun posing them, finding the best light, and editing the photographs. If you would like to follow me my username is "dissertation_and_pokemon". Also, if you have an instagram account I would love to follow you too! 

Now for the collection update! (Be warned, very picture heavy!!!)

My full Mix au Lait, Soda Pop, Delicious Water Gacha set

One of my best friends took a trip to Japan over the summer and brought me back this adorable Kyoto grand opening mascot along with some of my favorite macha! 

And now for my growing Fit collection! I love how they all turned out. Hoping to get some more of them soon!

Look at that face! How many people got Dunsparce with a wonky eye?

Over the summer I decided to finally give in to my desire to collect terrariums, this is the start of them! (Thank you to polahbear for the Chikorita!)

I love these so much, I am constantly blown away buy the level of detail. 

And now onto the World Market set! (Don't mind some of the Delicious Water starters and some other gacha who snuck their way in here)

And my adorable summer gacha set:

I think Rowlet might be one of my new top ten favorite Pokemon (just seeing this little guy makes me want ALL the Rowlets haha)

Now for my BIG additions to the collection: Kotobukiya Lillie and Selene, PLUS Nendoroid Lillies (I love them all so much!!)

Thank you dragontie for the Welcome to Alola clear file!

Oh! And I finally found some great display risers. Also I got an Ivysaur Floral cup (thank you bobsama195) and the Forest Vol 1!)

And last but not least, my Mew Mokomoko (Bulbasaur is so happy to have a friend)

Thank you all so much for reading and expect another collection update soon!


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