pamkatgo (pamkatgo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Fit Gets!

Most of the Fit plushies I ordered from Yahoo and eBay have arrived!
They are even cuter than I thought they would be and I love that they are beanies :D

Here they are with the rest of my small (for now) collection!

I still have a very large order from the Japanese Pokemon Center on it's way, (we're talking ~50 plushies which cost £90 to ship :o) and a few others to come from eBay that were out of stock on the Center website.

I'm super excited for Gen 3 to be released, hopefully they will be soon XD

I've also bought a nice cube storage organiser to keep them all in that keeps out dust! When they arrive I'll be arranging them all by which game I use them in and I have free space for future gens which will all hopefully get Fit plushies too :3

Tags: gets, plush, pokecen, pokemon center
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