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Pokemon Go Safari Zone and other gets

Hey all! In my last post, I gave a sort of merch report from Chicago Pokemon Go Fest 2019, so it seems fitting that this time I'll be talking about the first North American Pokemon Go Safari Zone!

The Montreal Safari Zone was awesome! The venue was wonderful, the crowd was lively, yet it never felt overbearingly busy. The theming wasn't as elaborate as the big Go Fest, of course, but there were still tents, signboards and flags, and photo ops with standees of the Pokemon Go characters (though sadly no mascots).

Unfortunately there wasn't a Pokemon Center Store like in Chicago, but they did have the now-standard Pokemon Go event giveaways. Near the park entrance was a tent where they gave out the classic Pikachu visors, Pokemom Go stickers, and plastic keychains of the Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct logos. This was notable because, as I mentioned in my last post, I spent around 2 hours at Go Fest just trying desperately to win a keychain (which they gave us coupons for and we had to redeem at another tent). Here, they gave the keychains out like candy! I was even able to keep going back and get all 3 keychains within a few minutes. They also gave out the useful trading signs, which were unique thanks to Quebec language laws, so they were all in French!

All my gets from the weekend! I got a bunch of the visors and stickers, and even got a few popular Pokemon Go Youtubers to sign them! I'm a member of an international Pokemon Go community called The Silph Road, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with many lovely travellers who brought fun goodies. They brought QR code cards, button pins, stickers, and extra Sprint patches. A TSR member from the Secret League kindly gave me a gorgeous Montreal Safari Zone pin. The lanyard and badge were from the after-party/Safari Cup tournament at Esports Central, which was lots of fun.

Con gets! I was stoked to see a booth with all of the Fit plush, and I couldn't resist getting a severely marked-up but very cute Skarmory! I was also too pleasantly surprised to see a Meowstic plush and Caitlin keychain (even though I already have the latter). The commission and bag were both lovely gifts, the bag being from a con-goer who always attends my Pokemon panels - so sweet!

I was briefly in the US and couldn't resist this Detective Pikachu figure set at a way lower price! I mostly wanted the Mewtwo, but rather like most of the figures, even if the style is pretty weird.

I finally visited an import store I always see tabling at local cons, and had to get some blind box figures! They're very cute, though the Puttito figures are pretty stubborn about actually sitting on drinkware, haha.

Bonus pic of my "sharp bois" Pokemon Fit plush collection! They were both so overdue for decent plush, and I love them so very much.

Thanks for reading! Please take a change to look at my sales if you get a chance - I've got a cute ghost-type Halloween card perfect for the Halloween swap! Click the banner or here to be transported!

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