epicaz (epicaz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Update! And Halloween Lucario?

I'll start with my goof.. I'm looking for a Halloween Lucario plush as I mistakenly missed out on the US PkmnCenter store, putting me into a bit of a panic. :s Hit me up if you happen to have one that you're willing to part with!

Second! I dont think I've posted an update in years.. but I have a big one coming soon! I visited Japan for about three weeks this summer and finally hit that life goal moment of visiting the Pokemon Center stores there. I visited 7 of the 11 across my journey... turns out most of them are exactly the same, spare the layout and possibly a few bonus items.. but still! I was so excited to finally be in a place I had only dreamed of visiting since my first trip to the US Pokemon Center in 2004. I'll share an update post with photos soon(tm), but have one photo of the Osaka location for now. :)

Additionally, big Jolteon collection update photos tba!
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