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Collection update ❤️


Had to pack everything up since I’ll be moving so I’ll show my newest additions to my collection!
So above is what my collection use to look like.

My husband ended up getting me a new display case after begging for awhile. Little did he know I was just adding on to my collection. Muhahaha.

Here is all my Ampharos items, I haven’t really added much, mostly cards. But they are packed away atm.

My Vees ❤️
A few new figures and pokedoll have been added, but that’s pretty much it.

I just been adding the large figure, most have been cards.

Here are the dragonites~

And my Togekiss collection. It’s pretty small.

And Tada!
Piplup is my newest addition to my collection. After seeing the diamond and pearl and Dawns’ piplup I just fell in love and had to add it to my team. ❤️

With that being said I just finished packing them all up and it breaks my heart I won’t be able to see them for awhile. But I cannot wait to rearrange them around and get more figures~
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