mercurrix (mercurrix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Sales + ISO!

Hey! My sales have been updated and I have a ton of items both new & old. I tried to price everything fairly, but I'm open to a little haggling.
I will be checking regularly until about 9pm PST tonight. I may not reply quickly tomorrow - please do be patient! I will be undergoing surgery in November, so I'd like to get as much sold as possible.

Additionally, a friend of mine is looking for Barboach figures. I think it only has three (clear kid, regular kid, dex figure?) - I am potentially interested in any or all, depending on the price.

Lastly... does anyone have the new WCT Lucario? My order via gamestop was mysteriously canceled, but from what I've heard it was indeed released. I'd love to see some photos of it if anyone has one.

Tags: barboach, lucario, sales
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