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This Month's Gets!

Hey all, it's been a while! Unfortunately I do not come here with more commission slots, as university has started and taken up a lot more of my time that I had planned, but I am planning on opening up some more in about 2-3 weeks, so look out for that! They will be my last commission slots for the year as I plan to open more slots and in November and work on them into early December.

Anyways, other than that, I got a ton of new gets for my collections this month!! They will be shown under the cut!

I got so many gets that I can't even fit them into one picture! It was a very good month again for my Victini main collection! I am now a very happy owner of the big winking contest prize thanks to ibburger!! :D Another Victini grail down, only a few more left!!

My Latias main collection had a very good month too, with the addition of the minky PokeDoll, which I have been after ever since I first started collecting!! I am so happy to finally add her to my collection! I am also super excited to have found the 2006 Banpresto with its original hang tag!! Those who know me know how picky I am with my collection items having all of their original tags and stuff most of the time, so I consider myself lucky to have found one with a tag for a great price! Also got one of the Tomy plushes, the 2005 fuzzy one! I have the 2002 poseable Tomy on the way too, so I can't wait to unite them! The Latios plush came in pairs, and while I think I may hold onto them for now, I may decide to sell them in the future...

For my Dragonite side collection, some nice additions! Thank you polahbear for the Pokemon Time plush!!

Only one addition to my Lapras side collection, but she's a big girl!! I love this plush a lot, I think she's my favorite plush of Lapras so far!

Siting Cuties/Fit plush have really helped me get a jump start on a lot of the dog Pokemon for my dog Pokemon side collection! All of them except for the Growlithe line and Snubbull are their first additions to their lines in my collection! (Some of them being their first plush for that Pokemon to begin with!)

The Growlithe banpresto was actually something that I won on Toreba, which was super satisfying! It's my first Toreba win that actually went towards adding something to one of my collections!

An extremely exciting get was the Smeargle kutakuta laying plush, MWT!! He is super floppy and really cute! I was so happy that some fellow members helped me to split the lot of other kutakuta plushes from that lot, and now I have this cute pupper!

Another addition to my Lillipup part of the collection is the little mascot strap! He was a little bit of a project as he came with his little feet felt "floofs" falling off of his feet, but I carefully applied some fabric glue and now he's good as new! I love how tiny he is, he's so stinking cute!

And finally, not a dog Pokemon is the Girafarig fit plush, which is the first addition to my new Girafarig side collection! Just need to find the Little Tales mascot keychain plush and I'll be complete with that collection, haha! (My side collections I am limiting to plush only, so Girafarig will be quite a small collection!)

Lastly, I'm just going to plug my sales here. I've updated them a tad, so please take a look if you like! :)

That is it for now, have a nice day everyone! :D
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