Intro + Chibi Poke House Info Gathering

Hello! Thought I'd post an introduction as a newly-accepted member.

I'm a collector of a lot of different video game series, with Pokemon, of course, being one of them! I joined this group both to buy off of other members as well as to try and gather additional information about my current Pokemon-collecting focus: Chibi Poke House playsets!

Pics of my current collection, as well as my inquiries to the group, can be found below the cut!


Here it is! Pretty impressive so far, I think. I have all of the mini playsets loose but complete (except the legendary birds which are missing their whirlpools--if you have some of them loose, let me know, moltres is on one of them here). My ultimate goal for my collection is to have every component mint in box/on card, Japanese version. I have all the rarer playsets, luckily, but now I have the extra figure packs to hunt down--those mint on card will be elusive, I'm sure. The rest will come as I find them. I don't really feel like explaining what constitutes the collection in detail right now, but there are some older posts here that go into detail re: the entire set.

So, on to the questions! Were counterfeit versions of these made alongside the originals, and additionally, exactly how many regional versions of these were made? I ask because the all-english titled "Pokemon House" version of these seems... suspicious, and I question whether or not they are legit.

Here is the "Pokemon House" Box:

The red flags to me are 1) The bad English (When close the case) and 2) The Pokemon USA mention (afaik the red-packaged playsets were the only US ones).

In comparison, here are the boxes for the Chinese/Japanese versions:

These two have noticeably different packaging from Pokemon house--I believe the Chinese version to also be legitimate. And, for completion's sake, let's throw in the US packaging as well (that I remember seeing in stores):

Couldn't easily find the back for this one, unfortunately.

As for what these all look like closed, here's what I believe to be the "Pokemon House" closed case:

And then, from my collection, here are Chinese and Japanese covers:

And again, for comparison's sake, the US version:

What do you think? Is Pokemon House legit? Does anyone know the history? I'm so curious.

And I have one more related research question! In searching for a complete set/list of all the chibi poke house related figures, I stumbled across the "Chibi Poke Model" series that came included in Pokemon-themed furikake packs. The furikake packaging looks like this:

And the little bags the figures came in looked like this:

The observant would notice that the first bag uses the exact same font as the Chibi Poke House series--so perhaps they were meant to be used with the playsets? The other togepis are similar, but I believe these were later releases when the Chibi Poke House series was being phased out, hence the different package.

So my question to you all is, do any of you collect these chibi poke models? Does anyone know what a complete set of them looks like? I've started collecting them, but it's been difficult because they can be hard to tell apart from actual chibi poke house playset figures and other mini figures manufactured at the time. I would appreciate any leads! I'll share a picture of my set at a later date... I'm waiting for some additions to arrive in the mail.

So that's me, and those are my questions! Looking forward to being a part of this community, and I hope that some of these mysteries may be able to be solved :')


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