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Sales update!

Time for a sales update, including a pin I made, Detective Pikachu cards, an Eevee Tamagotchi, and more!

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on October 20, 2015
-My Feedback
-All community rules apply
-Prices do not include shipping!
-All prices are in USD
-I will not trade with banned or non-members
-I ship from Florida and can ship internationally!
-Items are from a smoke-free home, but I do own cats!
-I can hold items for up to 72 hours
-Commitment is prioritized before quotes
-I can provide more pictures if needed :)
Non-Pokemon sales can be found here!

First up, I have this enamel pin that I made! It is 1.5 inches tall- $10 each

Eevee Tamagotchi- $30
Packaging is a bit dented (was like this when I got it)
Played with it for a few weeks! I've now reset it & it is ready for a new home!

Sandshrew bell plush! It is just missing the pink strap, but I think it could be easily replaced!

The tag seems to be fading as well, but other than those things, it is in great condition!

Accepting offers!


2002 Pikachu Pokedoll DX plush! (regular pokedoll for size comparison)
He has a tag as well, but it is not in the best condition (lots of creases) - $55

Jakks Pacific Buizel plush- $20

Toyfactory plushes (around 11" tall including ears)- $12 each (pichu, eevee)

*Also willing to trade for a Toyfactory Raichu, Shinx, Meowth or Oshawott if I do not have the size already)

Timburr US Pokedoll- $10

Litleo US Pokedoll- $10

Toyfactory Zorua 18 inch plush- $15

1998 Pikachu plush- $5

Squirtle Figure- $6

Ultra Necrozma mini figure- $5

Pancham Pita Poke set- $5
*Note: suction cups don't work too well anymore

Charizard Construx- $5 (would need to take some bits apart for shipping, will send intructions too! Can take completely apart if desired)

Croconaw large can badge- $3

Pokemon College puffy stickers- $5 set

(features Rowlet and Pikachu)

Pokemon Time Rowlet pouch- $15

Pikachu mini pouch bag- $10

Eeveelution wallet- corners are faded but otherwise a very cute wallet! $4
(Features Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon)


(NOTE: Also willing to trade multiple for JP Detective Pikachu cards (missing promos and Pikachu)

Detective Pikachu cards (ENG)- $1 each
AVAILABLE: (Morelull x4, Psyduck x1, Magikarp x5, Mr.Mime x1, Jigglypuff x9, Snubbull x3, Lickitung x10)

Detective Pikachu cards (JP)- $2 each
AVAILABLE: (Bulbasaur V1 x1, Bulbasaur V2 x3, Ludicolo x2, Morelull x2, Charmander x3, Charizard x1, Arcanine x2, Psyduck V1 x2, Psuduck V2 x3, Magikarp x2, Greninja x2, Mr.Mime x3, Mewtwo x2, Machamp x4, Jigglypuff x3, Snubbull V1 x2, Snubbull V2 x3, Lickitung x3, Ditto x1, Slacking x3)


Bootleg 12 inch plushes- Chespin, Furret- $10 each

Bootleg small Pikazard- $5

Still looking to trade these flats! I am looking for anything with Oshawott on it!

Valentines Day Pokepark 2 Cards

Pita Poke Stickers (can trade individual stickers or full sheets)

Pokemon Diamond Stickers + Hoenn New Years Postcards (can trade individual stickers or full sheets)

Various stickers & other flats (can trade individual stickers or full sheets)

Tags: buizel, charizard, croconaw, eevee, litleo, oshawott, sales, sandshrew, timburr, zorua
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