dragontie wrote in pkmncollectors

A grail?????? :o

Hey all! Recently got some gets including an absolute grail!!!!!! (also sales post as the end)

For starters, so stickers and the card for the 2014 fiesta promo!!! So seriously adorable art, especially of sylveon! Got it fairly cheap! 

Close up of the card, it's in great condition!

I finally got an adorable laptop case! It fits my laptop perfectly and has a bonus sylveon on it! ^^

Along with the recent sylveon ring that was released and the pencil holder sylveon!


The wristband from the original sylveon promo! I had an opportunity to get one YEARS ago but got cold feet and lost it. So amazed I found one!!

And then the snowseason fluffy shorts!!!!!! They're in pretty good condition, though I don't think I'll wear them; I don't want to completely ruin the fuzziness through washing it too many times. Either way, super duper happy to get these too!!!!! <3

And a link to my sales post! I added a lot of stuff recently, including stuff from my sylveon collection so check it out!


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