rockfluff wrote in pkmncollectors

Birthday Gets!

It's my birthday today and as is custom, I got a few pokemon gifts.

Earlier in the month I scooped up this pal:

The spring season flowers gachapon rockruff.

As for bork-day, firstly I got some more rockruff figures I was missing:

The rockruff KIDS figure, and the Shopro one.

Then a bulbasaur PEZ, a smaller collection of mine.

The rest of these are fanmade pins and not officially licensed, so I hope it's still okay to share them!

Earlier in the month again I got this rockruff pin from Sleepingwolvesart.

Then today for my birthday, my partner bought me their alolan vulpix (another favourite!) and shiny rockruff variant.

I got this eeveen pin in as a reward from Sophieevesart from their battle pup kickstarter, as well as some goodies (and a rockruff sticker!!)

And lastly another alolan vulpix pin from my best friend, made by pingkipenguin!

My big birthday present from my partner is a visit up to the pop-up Pokémon Center London! I'm going to try not to lose control, so my priorities are firstly exclusives (the London pikachu plush especially), then any rockruffs if they're stocking any, and then other random bits and bobs if both of those fail. Can't wait to report back on it!


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