kittycollector (kittycollector) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants & some collection pics

Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone here is selling Buzzwole, shuckle, or the blue gastrodon line kid figures?

Also to make this post a bit less boring, there are some pics of my collection under the cut!:

My bug kid collection! I've got a few more to go until it's complete. I actually managed to find spewpa and ninjask after searching quite a while, but they haven't arrived yet.

MPC plush - The newest arrivals are volcarona, joltik and galvantula. Aren't they adorable? =3 Volcarona was a grail for a long time, and i kept losing auctions for leavanny and galvantula T_T until i found them on the comm <33 I also have genesect and shiny genesect as well, but they're with the rest of my genesect collection. My extra gamestop genesect is hanging out with them instead =D

I also went slightly mental about the fit plush when they came out, so i'm collecting the bug types from that line as well. I've got other plush too but they're not set up yet, so i'll have to save pics for later ^_^

Thanks for reading!
Tags: collection, wants
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