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Small but interesting sales

I don't think I have posted in a few years! lol! I have gotten so busy, but still into Pokemon... Pokemon Go is what I play now. I got three items for sale that hopefully someone will give a home to. Please read the rules. I reviewed the community rules again before posting and hopefully I am not breaking any if they changed.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10
-I ship from California, USA-I do ship internationally
-I will hold an item for up to 48 hours if committed! None after that please...
- I work full time so I will try to ship packages during the week. If not, then the weekends
-Most hipping starts at $3.50 to cover cost of
shipping supplies and shipping itself. Of course, flats like TCGs and
the like will vary and can be shipped in an envelope! SO PLEASE ASK.
-I would ship internationally but please be aware of the outrageous price hike. Ask only if you really want the item...
-If you want insurance, signature confirmation, let me know at the time of purchase
-PayPal only
-I am NOT responsible for lost mail. Proof of shipping will be provided upon request
- I TOOK BIG PICTURES. So please click on it to get more details

Vulpix Snowglobe - Only taken out box TWO times. Once to look at it upon purchase and once to take this picture :)  - $45 SHIPPED!!!!

UNOFFICIAL Steelix "zukans" with an official Heracross zukan for reference. They both are 3 to 4 pieces you can disassemble and reassemble.

Steelix on the LEFT - $190 (This is a beautiful figure)
Steelix on the RIGHT - $13 (I paid about 5x more than this lol!) As you can see the steelix on the right is kind of smaller and made with more of an airy material. Please see other pic below.

And if you buy the Steelix on the left, I will throw in the Steelix on the right for free! Just pay shipping.

And that's it. If you want more pictures. Please let me know!
Tags: sales, steelix, vulpix
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