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September/October Gets (Sales Update too!)

Hello everyone!

Been a decent couple of months for gets, so I will just jump straight on in!

20190914_181124.jpg GLACEON STUFF!!! This was the package I thought I had lost to a stranger that I was very downtrodden about, but it was luckily returned to the seller and sent to me. SOOO happy to finally have my Attack Glaceon keychain grail T-T Thanks again tdotakichan

20190914_181140.jpg A Mercari US find. I think these are Kaiyodo figures iirc? They look just like the TFG figures!

20190907_165123.jpg My first ever proxy order from Wakuwakumono in Japan! They were very easy to use, and look at all this neat (amazingly-priced I might add) stuff from Mercari JP I found!  xD

20190910_180338.jpg Some eBay deals I found (Absol was on Mercari US though). Now I have the Shiny Raikou AND the original Pokedolls <3

20191002_152819.jpg My second proxy order from Wakuwakumono! (I just couldn't pass up the deals I got for the tagged Chatot and Zoroark Banpresto keychains!) The TTO Chatot came from commoner64, and the Shinx pokedoll, Eevee button, and Buizel mini tupperware came from users on the Discord ^-^ Also, GRAIL GET!! The clear Zigzagoon kid! xDDDD (I'll take a better picture of it soon!)

20191003_165901.jpg Found the Sept Day With Pikachu figure on Mercari US for a pretty good (not scalper) price. Finally got my hands on two more elusive 'Vee items too! The "Clappy 'Vee" and the JP version of the large sleeping Glaceon were from pmxellos. ^-^

20191005_163048_002.jpg MIP Jakks Glaceon was a won auction from eBay, while the Eevees and Clip-on Chikorita (front) came from Mercari US as lots. The cute pose Chikorita Banpresto and terrycloth Treecko were from the Discord.

20191014_164134_001.jpg Treecko Pillow! Also finally found the clear Lapras FCS figure with its base! Turtwig charm, Bayleef charm, Vulpix charm, Chatot strap, and FeatherStitchedCraft Vulpix Custom were purchases though the Discord channel. <3 Raikou playset, Zorua Hotto Motto launcher, and Tomy Absol came from ietne, along with some AWESOME settei sheets (which I need to put into a frame and take pictures of, so stay tuned! >.<)

20191021_185415.jpg Eevee and Glaceon Construx figures from slothyshroom! I had more fun putting Glaceon together, since she was more in-depth haha. Tomy Buizel and Banpresto keychain Buizel are from eBay, while the Absol "nugget" custom is from Mercari US. It has beans in its butt, and is rather soft. The felt eyes are I nice touch too. Oh, and I finally got the MEWSES Shinx line pin! It's SOOO beautiful! T-T

And that concludes the gets! I did, however, add some new items to my SALES, so please come take a look!

I am currently also working on a collection site, so look forward to that going live in the next month or so, if I can get the weather to cooperate with me to take decent pictures xD

Til next time!

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