thegengar0215 (thegengar0215) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail Get #2 with INSANE LUCK!!

Hello everybody! I come to you today with a second grail get! I am beyond excited to share with you all another Gengar animation cel I won in a Japanese auction! I got super lucky I stumbled across this auction because it was just listed as "pokemon cel" and did not include the names of the pokemon that the cel featured. The reason why Gengar looks a bit odd in this shot is because it is a single frame of him turning around to face the camera to go look for pikachu and togepi. The INSANELY lucky thing that happened was that I did not get just one cel but they sent me TWO cels!!! The auction did not even mention the second entire animation cel and its the shot right before they turn around and face the camera!! Two amazing animation cels from the same episode just seconds apart from one another! I am beyond ecstatic to win the auction and find the surprise of a lifetime inside. Here are the pics of them. Have a awesome day guys!
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