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 howdy all! a couple of you might remember me from when i scoured around on here for shinx line goods a couple years back. being a college student then, however, meant that i had to stop focusing on my collection. but i really missed collecting and the joy it brought me, and now i am back!

  as i mentioned, i collect shinx, luxio and luxray goods! i also collect tyrunt and tyrantrum on the side with a bad habit of buying umbreon merch too. when i started collecting, i had no merch of these mons whatsoever! but the kind people here allowed my collection to grow and reach a place i am proud of! i'm sure you're dying to see! venture beyond the cut to take a look!
here they are! the pride that is my pride and joy!
a tiny dream of mine is to someday have the biggest shinx line collection there is! sinnoh was a very formative part of my younger years with many good memories attached. pokemon pearl was actually my first video game ever!
some items here i am proud to own are definitely the clear luxio kid figure, the shinx bobble head (this was my first and so far only grail get!), the luxio jakks figure in the box, and the old luxray plushes with their hang tags (and noses) still attached! i wouldn't have a majority of these guys without the help of this community! and i thank you all for that!

oof. pardon the dust
here are my dinosaurs! i have that unofficial shiny tyrantrum plush that floats around online too, but he's too big for the shelf, so he's banished to another part of my room.

not many, unfortunately! i am very interested in paleontology, especially tyrannosaurs, so tyrunt and tyrantrum were a real treat for me! i have a soft spot for cranidos and rampardos too!
and lastly, we have my couple of umbreon and misc. mon things hanging out among my hello kitties.

the umbreon pokedoll was one thing i have wanted for the longest time, but he always managed to avoid me! for YEARS! all you could ever find as an 11 year old were the bootlegs that flooded the internet, and the real guys were EXPENSIVE. i finally managed to snag this one a couple years ago! he was actually a birthday gift from my mom, and wasn't expensive at all. i like to think we were meant to be! he's accompanied by the umbreon coin and tomy figure there. the togekiss plush and kid figures are very special to me too! toge was a gift from my best friend and it's also apparently a very htf plush now. not the biggest togekiss fan, but i couldn't let her go if i tried. the kids were bought when i went to meet my best friend in person for the first time! she also gave me the palace luxray and the tyrunt kid figure!

can i also please gush for a sec at how drop dead precious the poochyena kid figure is??? the pose is so wonderful!

my collection and pokemon in general makes me very happy, and i'm incredibly passionate about them. if you read this far, then i am really happy to meet you, and i hope to see you around the community! ciao!!  =^_^=
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