spunkybandy (spunkybandy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Mallow + Steenee GEM series figure!

A new surprise announcement of a GEM series figure was made, that apparently Mallow was too cool to be made into a Nendoroid figure, but decided to do something even cooler and made her and her (anime?) Pokemon partner Steenee into fully fledged figures!

So, whoever is a huge fan of Mallow or the Bounsweet family, this is a fantastic parting gift to end of on the Sun and Moon era of merchandise, despite it being released next year in the Sword and Shield era. :P

And honestly, I'm kind of glad to see something actually different for once showing off the more recent Pokemon characters based around Kalos or Alola. And this might be VERY tempting myself to order this set lol

Pre-orders start off on November 17th 2019 with no release date officially announced from MegaHouse, so I guess watch the plants grow as you wait. What do you guys think?
Tags: figures, info
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