tifflesarcanine (tifflesarcanine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some US Pokemon Center Plush - PLS HELP

Hi all,

Long-time no post for me, but HI! I'll have to do a collection update soon since I've gathered a TON of Arcanine merch since my last post, but for today I'm here seeking some help.

I saw a post on reddit about someone trying to find plush for their autistic nephew and I'd really like to try and help! So if you have any of the following plush for sale please let me or
tiny_wai1ord know!

Looking for the following: (US Pokemon Center plush ONLY)

  • Mega Shiny Gardevoir

  • Regular Raichu

  • Mega Shiny Gengar

  • Salamence

Also looking for Furret (the posable one)

If you have any of these or see any of them for sale, please let us know! Thanks.

Until next time,
Happy Collecting ~059.png
Tags: furret, gardevoir, gengar, raichu, salamence, wants
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