Nidoking_Dom (lucius_rosedv) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello there,

I've been on this forum for a couple years now but I'm never really active here for some reasons.

My name is Dominic, I'm a Nidoking line collector.
I live in France but i'm half british / french.

I collect anything Nidoking, Nidorino and Nidoran related , all their cards in every language and all their merch.

(On the side I'm also a TCG collector and oldschool bootleg card collector)

Here's some pics of my coolest gets in the last year and a updated picture of my Nido display :)

My Nidoking display in September 2019

French aquapolis deck which is pretty hard to find

Nidoking Vs Zapdos Banpresto figure

Brand new gold color Nidoking and blue metal figure

Meiji empty can with the nidoran male, holo banpresto postcard , 2 sealed finger puppets of Nidoking from Bandai

Mini consoles that hold tiny cards

Cool sealed Banpresto cardboard thingy

I got the full set of uncut playing cards from the corocoro magazine all illustrated by Kagemaru Himeno 😁

I got this incredibly rare japanese Gift Pack which was one of the first TCG packs ever released

And last but not least my mum made this very cool Nidoking semi-cosplay for me this summer !

I have so much stuff to show my collection hasn't stopped growing ! There's only 30% of my collection in the display, i'm missing a lot of space.

If you have any Nido related stuff available I would be happy to buy or trade 😁

Thank you for checking out my post ! And see you soon hopefully

Have a nice day


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