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BigMore! Gengar Review!

I decided to make this review because he's very expensive and I thought people would want to know about the quality and how much I paid in total for shipping. Should you buy the BigMore! Gengar and is he worth the price? This is Gengar's most expensive plush at the original MSRP to date.

I want to get probably the most important part out the way. The price. How much did I end up paying shipped? I got my BigMore! off AmiAmi and it was $117 with shipping included. This is probably one of the best prices you will get on release. Definitely don't pay more than around this range in total. The plush can only be shipped via EMS, Airmail, or DHL. EMS was the cheapest shipping option when I paid.

Size comparison to the most recent Pokemon Doll since people are familiar with these! I admit, I thought he would be bigger even though the measurements were given but who has a ruler right? lol
I'm not disappointed though because he's still quite big in width! He's a big fatty.

This is a comparison with Gengar's tallest official plush to date, the Cuddle Pillow although this one is a little beat up but it is taller. The cuddle pillow is around 21 inches (53.24cm) standing and the BigMore! is around 16 inches (40.64cm).

Is he soft?
He's moderately soft but sturdy. You would be able to lean onto him. The spikes are stuffed on the back so they're soft. The only pointy part are his top spikes but they're not "stab me" pointy. I'm really impressed with the material of this plush. It doesn't feel cheap AT ALL. This is probably why it's so expensive. The material feels reinforced and sturdy, like it's not just a single layer of fabric. The seams are clean and there's no loose threads. The face looks fantastic too and there are no overly out of place threads on mine. Everything is embroidered on point.

Something I was really pleased with is also the accuracy of the spikes on the back. This is accurate to his 3D model in the games. 6 on the sides and 7 going down the middle. Really nice detail!

This is my favorite Gengar plush to date! I have been eagerly waiting for months for this one and I really like that he is sitting because there aren't a lot of Gengar plush in this pose. It's really refreshing to see! If I had to choose only one Gengar to keep, it would be this one. San-ei did an excellent job with the quality of this plush.

I hope this review will help you decide if you want to buy this plush!

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