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Pretty big weeding sale! Here come the zukan figures!

I'm having a big clearout at the moment so I'll probably be making this sales post in parts, first up are the Zukan figures I no longer need, but I have also included pictures of some other items that will be for sale when I get a moment to look up prices etc.

Take a look ^u^

Sales permission granted by areica96 on december 17th 2015.


Shipping is from the uk

Postage costs $4 within the uk and from $7 to around $12 overseas.

Haggling is allowed

(NOTE: Snorlax/munchlax and paras/parasect are on original bases, the others are spares I had lying around)

Lickitung/ lickilicky $25
combee vespiquen $20
skorupi drapion $30
paras parasect $40
snorlax munchlax $25
venusaur line $65
pinsir $10
volbeat illumise (Not actual pegs) $10
shuckle $10
yanma $10
pikachu $2
mothim $5
wingless scyther $7
scizor $25
masqeurain $6
ninjask $6
ariados $6
kricketune  $4
forretress $12
slowpoke $15
meowth line $25
skitty line $20
glameow line $20
kecleon $15


And here are some additional pictures of things I'll be selling at a later date, feel free to let me know if there's anything you would like and we can work out a price :)

Thanks for looking :)
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