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A really long post (Alolan Vulpix merch questions, sales update, LJ question)

Hello everyone and happy Halloween! Whether you're out trick-or-treating, at a party, or at home watching scary movies tonight I hope you all have a fun and safe time! I am here with several things to ask mostly revolving around a few Alolan Vulpix merch and am hoping to get some answers.

-since this post is really long I'm putting my main questions under cuts-

So recently I bought two Alolan Vulpix snow globes. The other was intended to be for a relative but as it turned out she already snagged one while I was helping her look around, and I wasn't aware of that until a day after I purchased it lol. I'll be selling the extra one for the price I bought it, but I noticed some differences between the snow globes that I'd like to discuss and maybe figure out why they are slightly different. First thing I noticed immediately was the back of the box (click on photos to view actual size).

As you can see, the left box has no sticker while the box on the right has one. Also if you look closely, the brown frame around the text are slightly different browns. Left is a darker brown and right is a lighter brown. And, it may be difficult to see in this photo, but the text starting with the copyright symbol til the end of the text are bolded on the left box but not on the right box.

Since there appears to be no factory tape to keep these boxes sealed I went ahead and opened them. I notice differences on the snow globes themselves.

Left box Alolan Vulpix has a tail with slightly darker blue than the Alolan Vulpix from the right box. And no, it is not due to the lighting o_o

It's difficult to see in this photo due to colors and I apologize for that, but here I'd like to point out that the crystals behind both Alolan Vulpix are also different. Left snow globe has crystals that have a pair of two tall crystals together from the left and one small/two tall crystals bunched together to the right. Right snow globe has one small and one tall crystal together on the left and three tall crystals on the right.

Lastly, the text at the bottom of the snow globes. Remember the bolded copyright text on the left box and regular text on the right box? It also applies to the text here. I also noticed that the text on the right box seems to be a bit messed up, something must have went wrong at the factory where this was made. But I think that makes the right snow globe a little more special so I've decided to keep that one because of it lol.

Those are all the differences that I could spot. What does this mean for the snow globes though? I've spent some time searching up videos/images of other collectors' snow globes. I've found one video which had a box with the sticker and another video that showed a box without the sticker. So I highly doubt either of my snow globes are fake as there is really nothing about them that screams bootleg. I'm thinking one might be first release and the other is a later release, though I don't really know the history of whether these items got a re-release or not. So I'd like to reach out to those of you who have an Alolan Vulpix snow globe. If possible, I'd like to know if yours was purchased the day of release, or if it was purchased at a later date, and whether or not your snow globe's box has a sticker or any other traits it shares with these snow globes. Maybe we can figure out why these snow globes are different.

The next thing I'd like to ask about are these items.

I am really hoping that these items aren't sold as pairs as I only want Alolan Vulpix. But where/how can I get these? How much are they? I have never seen any sort of announcement for these items so I don't know much about them or when they were even released. Please let me know if you know of a site where I can purchase them or if anyone is doing pickups!

Lastly! I've made yet another update to my sales post. This time with a few price changes and several new items added, including the very last plush of my old Fennekin collection that I've discontinued. The two Fennekin and Braixen you see in this photo were my most prized plush in that collection, so I've been holding onto them all this time. But since most of my Fennekin items have been sold off and there are only a few remaining, I think now is a good time to start listing my three favorites up for sale. I went ahead and price checked them and really wasn't expecting them to be so rare now ^^' Please click here to visit my sales page!

Ok, I guess I have another question if anyone happens to know... Is it against LiveJournal rules to sell usernames? I've searched for this question in their FAQ and couldn't find anything. I would like to eventually change my username to something else, as I don't really have a huge attachment to Zeraora and only used it as a username because I couldn't think of anything else at the time that wasn't already taken. I'm not sure if username changes here work the same as they do in MMOs where the old username is available for the buyer immediately after the seller name changes. If that were the case, and if selling usernames is permitted on LJ, then I'd like to do this with my current username.

Thank you all for reading and providing me with any help!
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