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Slowly getting back into the collecting mood + these Solgaleos lot must go!

Hey everyone gosh I haven't updated here since 2018 it seems o_o
I fell out of the collecting frenzy when Sun&Moon/USUM came out. I wasn't too crazy for Alola sadly and took a hiatus from collecting for a while because of it. But with SWSH and today's direct got me really hyped up again! When I started my journey in Galar I fell in love with Thievul insantly (along with so many others as well) *o* so now my new goal is to collect as much thievul merch as possible when its merch starts coming out! So please excuse my rustyness and I try to readdapt to this site /o/

Anyways on to buisness! I've had my poor Solgaleos stored in my closet for years now. And I really just want him gone at this point. I'm willing to part with this entire set for $65 USDs shipped (USA ONLY) or if you have any lots you'd like to trade for that I may be interested in please drop me a message! I love to see random offers for just about anything! I will also accept single large varients of Pokemon center plush such as the trainer sizes plushies and custome made plushies/merch.

Some of the more recent plush I got over Christmas were these cuties~

     Permission stuff:
- Sales permission granted by areica96 on 2/27/17
- I will hold an item for 24 hours. Ask for an extension
- Quotes do NOT count as a commitment.
- I accept paypal only
- MUST pay in 48 hours or you will lose your item
- Inquire about trading
- I ship from Texas
Images below are of the Solgaleo merch I'll part with (as a lot)

image2 (1).JPG
Heads up: Most all of these leos were released during the original S&M launch so there is no duskmane solgaleo merch in this lot sorry :[
(I believe I sold off the lunala/solgaleo towel along with the coins and I may need to dig around for the clear file, but eveything here is up for grabs! JP Plush included!If you are truly interested please let me know so I can search for all the merch I have in storage)
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