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"Back from Japan" sales

Hey guys and thanks a million to everyone who purchased from me before my exchange to Japan <333

I ended up spending a bit more money than anticipated during my stay so I wanted to put up my sales post again in hopes that people might still be interested in some things ^^

I actually didn't go all that (?) crazy at the Pokemon Center (or so I'd like to think ^^") so I don't have too many new items unfortunately but I threw in a few from my collection in addition to the few extra plushies I ended up with. And I still have loads from my previous sales so please take a look if you'd like <3

Also a warning that some items might not be crossed off as sold and may not be available T__T Especially goes for flats and occasional figures where I'm not personally attached to each item. The original post had so many items that I kind of lost track, but I will continue to go over the comments in the old post and mark off any items I see that I've forgotten to cross off as sold. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may lead to.

New guys:
Old preview picture, but lots still available ^^

Click for full size

- (Outdated) Shipping prices for non-flat parcels (guiding as the currency rate changes):

o Small letters under 2 cm can be shipped very reasonably for about 3-4 dollars on average but few items except the smallest figures and flats measure under 2 cm.

Shipping chart Worldwide updated 2019 (a little cheaper for Europe! See comparison in prices on old chart to get an idea of how much)

The new prices can vary. Will try to update this chart asap!

I made this for another sales post where I was only selling one small plush, but just replace the word "figure" with "plush) for the 2-7 and >7 cm class packages.

o OLD Price chart for Medium sized letters (2-7 cm) and (>7 cm) :

o Packages in big cardboard boxes are much more and start at ~$30 or more . Goes for all BIG plush like a lifesized plush or plush that are generally large of size. Please ask for quote.

- I can't be held responsible for lost items unless you purchase tracking as there's usually not much the PO's are willing to do with lost untracked mail. However I've never had a lost package :)

- I AM A SLOW SHIPPER!!! I study full time and work nights so it can take up to 2-3 weeks before I can ship.

- Items come from a dog friendly home, but the dog doesn't spend much time in my area of the house. But please keep in mind if you have allergies. I always give a thorough lint rolling before sending out so there shouldn't be any hair when you receive your plush however :)
- Priority will be given to quotes but after 48 hours of no response item(s) will be available to new interested customers
- This sales post is to raise funds but I might be open to trades for high wants, my wishlist can be found here :3

- Packing material will be a $0,5 extra added to all the quotes this time. Hope that's ok <3

- Customers are required to cover paypal fees which are included in the quote I give you.

Please be aware that items might not be available due to human mistake (!!!)

All items except Flats section under the cut. Due to size limits I couldn't post it here and put my flats and sticker freebie deals over at my journal HERE ^^


Kuji Eevee with Bow $36
Kuji Eevee with flower wreath (or take both kuji 'vees for $80, only selling her if the bow eevee goes with it ^^")
Fuzzy Eevee $13
Fuzzy Flareon $16

Sleeping Eevee $25
Fuzzy Berry Kuji Eevee $35
Laying HQ Eevee $36
Sitting HQ Eevee $36

Large standing Eevee $14
Others: $20

Eevee $7
Others $11
Glaceon korotto manmaru plush TTO $10

Poketime Vaporeon $13 (detached tag)
I love Eevee plushies $9, Vaporeon $11
Espeon "hanging" plush $9
Glaceon $6 (TTO)

PC Eevee Collection standing and sitting Vaporeon $18 (very pretty faces <3)
Sylveon (American Tomy plush) $14 OBO
JP Tomy Vaporeon $16
JP Tomy Jolteon $15

Ditto eeveelution plush $15 each, Eevee $13 (Take all 4 for $40!)
Mascot plush $11 each

PC "Eevee and friends movie plush"

$75 for the set (minus Sylveon and obviously no Eevee included either as I don't have that one)

(if there's interest in several ones I'll probably split and sell each for $15 :) Just thought it would be easier to sell them as a set at this point?)

Shoulder buddy plush $13 except Sylveon $16 SOLD

Available: Flareon

(picked out the cutest ones I could find in the store ^^)

American Tomy plushies $18, Sylveon $20

(bought these in Norwegian stores which price up import at lot so the price is a bit higher to not loose out too much, but you can shoot me an offer, especially if you want more of them I'll definitely consider <3 As always I picked the cutest ones I could find :D)

Mew kuttaris $15 each (awake is missing one eyebrow but I consciously picked him bc it gives him a softer, less stern expression <3 ^^)
Sylveon kuttaris $25 each (awake is TTO)
Other eeveelutions $20 each (all 'vees are the first JP release which were better made imo? :O)
Vulpix $12 each
Victini $9

All JP version with tags

Big Eevee $15
Saiko Soda Flareon $18 SOLD
Oceanic Operetta Vaporeon $25 (tag has a crease but it's not that visible, possible factory damage as I noticed it when I removed the plush from the pokecenter bag after purchase)
Petit Arcanine mascot $14 SOLD

Shinx mattari plush $20 OBO (quite hard to come by?)

All have tags, JP version

Egg Eevee (sun-faded packaging and plush cut loose from egg) $35
Ninetales crocheted plush with pokeball (and super cute info card, her name is Nora and she loves Rainbows <3 T__T) $25
Lucky bag Alolan Vulpix backback plush $45 OBO SOLD
Sylveon Pokéneco DOLCE mascot $50 (quite reluctant to sell this bby...)

Vulpix PC plush $13
Ninetales PC plush $22
JP Alolan Vulpix PC plush $16
Crystal season large fuzzy Vulpix $32
Banpresto Vulpixes $15 each
Custom Vulpix fleece pillow $40 OBO (I think I bought this for $50-something? The seller gave me nice discount but it probly cost a LOT to get comissioned and it is very unique and lovely <3)
Folly Lolly Vulpix $45 (paid $60)
Banpresto kororin Vulpix/Ninetales $13
Allstar Vulpixes, Kantonian $15, Alolan $18

Snowman Fennekin $26
Christmas Fennekin $29 (has small spot of soot on his leg but the pompom covers it when displayed)
Christmas Eevee
Winter Alola Vulpix $30 (looks derp in pic but actually has really cute face? idk why it looks so weird, maybe the lighting)

Alolan Vulpix pokedoll $14
Sylveon $16,5
Espurr $14
Fennekin $14
Xerneas $21

All JP releases

Allstars Eevee $15
Allstars Mew $16
Allstars Charmander $14
Allstars Espurr $14
Tomy Meowstic $14 (velboa)
Tomy Litten $15
Tomy Braixen $16 (velboa)

PC plush etc (All JP release)

Meowstic Wanted Campaign large plush $32
Fuzzy Charmander/Bulbasaur $20 each
Saiko Soda Eevee $14
Lapras $20 (bent tag)
Zygarde 10% $22 (SOLD)
Munna $7 (TTO)
Swablu secret base mascot $9 SOLD
Growlithe $13
Umbreon canvas $50
Raichu canvas $25 SOLD
Sleeping Pachirisu $17


Banpresto Shaymin $8 OBO
Allstar $16 (detached tag)
Skymin pokedoll $11 (TTO but in good condition and I'm picky haha) SOLD
Shaymin pokedoll $30
Shaymin canvas $30
Shaymin talking plush $30
Flat small Shaymin $3,5 SOLD

Shinx Banpresto UFO plush $27
Talking Oshawott (comes with box if requested but will raise shipping) $27
Victini $19 (big lovely guy <3 Even cuter irl, face has an unflattering angle in picture)
I love Mew UFO plush $12

Oshawott $70 (slight damage: thread connecting arm to face is visible)
Tepig $80
Snivy $110 ON HOLD

Fuzzy eyes closed Pikachu $10
Sleeping bag Pikachus $18 each
Pichu and Skiploom $17 SOLD

Pokemon friends $4 each
Frame $4 SOLD


Preowned Pitapoke house $25 (comes with box and extra stickers)

Piplup's suction cup is damaged and does not stick, result of childrens play unfortunately. Pichu figure has slight wear and smudged pain on eye as well as suction cup being a bit reluctant to stick, but the house and accessories are in great shape! So is the Eevee piece (maybe the most important? <3) and you get a bonus Pikachu, Victini that both stick well and a (not pitapoke) Shaymin piece as well!

Ichiban kuji Eeveelution pokedoll fiugures: $12 each (Eevee $7)

Or take the set for $75 (decided to sell as set)

Kanto starter evos $6 each (or take all 3 for $13,5) (Ivysaur sold)
Xerneas $6
Braixen, Fennekin $4 each
Delphox $4,5
MIP Victini and Pikachu Tomy arts figure set $4 (or 2,5 for Vitini, 1,5 for Pika)
Attack pose Victini $3
Attack Victini on base $4
Attack Piplup $3,5
Pichu $2,5
Giratina $3
Shaymin $2,75 (paint rubbed off on nose)
Ippai Eevee $4
Ippai fairies Cottonee $3 SOLD
Giratina $3
Blastoise, Totodile, Charmander and Bulbasaur $4
Sleeping Ippai starters $4,5, Pikas $3,5 Punichan $3 (Bulbasaur sleepy sold)
Fletchling $4
Ash's hat ippai pikachu $5, other pikas $1,5
Turtwig (clear), Chimchar and Mudkip sleeping Tomy's $13 SOLD
Pachirisu $15 SOLD

Ninetales Tomy (paint scraped off of nose, not just the black but some yellow paint too) $5 SOLD
Jolteon, Flareon $4
Vaporeon $6
Eevee $3 SOLD
Nidorans $7 each SOLD

Starter candy figures $3


Raichu chupa figure $25 (old and rare) SOLD
Skymin chupa $4 (some wear)
Eevee and eeveelu keychains $13 each sold: Vaporeon and Eevee
Eeveelution candy figures $11 (Flareon sold)
Umbreon keshipoke $20 (old and rare)


Xerneas/Litleo candy figure: $3,5
Xerneas bath bomb figure: $3,5
Fennekin $3,5 Chespin: $1.5, Froakie $1
Lapras museum figure: $1,5
Delcatty figure $3
Small Fennekin figure $1,5
Red rubber/eraser? Fennekin figure $3

Piplup and Gabite palace figure (I do have their palace parts too!!): $2,5
Lapras and Popplio moncolle $3,5

Landrous chupa $2
Geodude bell keychain $1
Combusken and Grovyle SOLD bell keychains $2 each
Eevee chou get $4
Espeon chou get $5,5
Togepi sleeping chou get $3,5
Arceus chou gets $2 (ice is missing base $1 comes with grey base instead)

Pencil toppers:
Flygon and legendary birds $3,5

Deoxys $2
Slakoth and Vigoroth and Claydoll $1,5

Eeveelution figure straps $7
Pokemon time Latis $10 each (might have been opened)
Adventure Pichu $8 SOLD
Adventure Vulpix $16
Fennekin Doll keychain $9
Snivy Pokemon Dream bed figure strap $12 SOLD

Pikachu comfy laying kuji strap $4
Victini strap (has been opened but only displayed) $4
White Kyurem kuji strap $3 SOLD
Pichu with pokeball that lights up $4 (has not been tested, but should start to work when plastic bit is pulled out from a slit in the pokeball)
Entei netsuke strap $3,5
Victini netsuke strap $3
Piplup screen cleaner strap $1,5 or free with other purchase
Sylveon $3,5


Mc Donald's Eevee flute (has eeveelution artwork on the side, including a unique side profile walking Sylveon <3) $4 (The one in packaging sold, but have one without the plastic bag for sale ^^)
Mc Donald's pop up Eevee toy $4
Vulpix Mc Donalds toy $10 SOLD (but have one without plastic too for $7,5 :D)
Phanphy SOLD and Jirachi ball toys $4, Munchlax, Pika and Wobuffet $3 SOLD
Dialga figure on wheels $2
Unopened preorder Groudon/opened Kyogre $3,5
Kyogre TFG $5 SOLD
Kyogre toy with some electronic equipment (I think these are dubbed "think chip" figures?) $4

Togepi talking figure $5
Electrike Tomy $9 SOLD
Popplio tomy $5
Eevee pokedoll figure $7
Kids: see below


Glaceon standing kids figure $3,5
Buneary $3,5
Meganium $3,5
Grotle $1,5
Azelf $2
Eeveelution attack kids $6
Rapidash $3,5 SOLD
Ponyta $4 (brand new from package) SOLD

Vulpix (chipped nose) $3,5
Clear Ninetales $6 SOLD
Buizel $3,5 SOLD

Clear Manectric $8
Regular Manectric $2,5
Electrike $2,5
Milotic $3,5 SOLD

Click picture for larger view!

Varying condition kids
$0,75 each or take 5 for $2

Except Manectric/Electrike $2,5
Darkrai (clear) $4 (exempt from freebie deal ^^")

Sold: Sitting Togepi, Togekiss, Abomasnow, Jumpluff, Octillery, Gligar, Bulbasaur, Exeggcutor, Butterfree, standing Togepi, Dratini, Horsea, Dewgong, Jirachi, clear Eevee, clear Bulbasaur, Omastar, Omanyte,


Ninetales metals: purple $30, blue $25, green $20
Vulpix $15 OBO each
Rapidash/Ponyta $20 (purple $30)
Flareon $18 each
Vaporeon figures: Silvery green $12, Blue $10, Yellow $8

Silver Flareon $12
Chansey and Charmeleon small metal figures (forgot the name ^^") $5 each

Genesect/Sylveon Movie popcorn bucket: $20 OBO
Eevee plush pouch $10
Mimikyu yarn figure $4
Zekrom clear straps $4 each
Reshiram straps clear $5 each
Card sleeves $1 per sleeve

Apparrell, Miscellanious

(Click for closeup or see more pics below)

Sylveon, Pikachu and Eevee drawstring bag $16,5
Handkerchief $7,5
Lunch cloth $11
Sylveon socks $14

Lunch bag $12
Drawstring bag $14
Food containers $4 each except Sylveon $10 (Dedenne sold)
Pencil case/pouch $13 SOLD
Hard pencil case $16,5 SOLD

Happy Party Time pouch (no tag) $13

Sylveon and eeveelutions bag brand new with tag $70 (very rare and hard to find, tempted to keep) SOLD
Food containers eeveelutions set of four $19
Ruler $7,5 ON HOLD
Mug $11
DS bag $16 SOLD
DS game case $13
Pencils $1,5 each, design with Sylveon $4

Colorful promotion eeveelution itabags $22 (Flareon sold)
Pokepalre Sylveon cushion $50

Pokemon time "room pants" (pajama, inside use) $25
2012 eevee collection blanket $40
Eevee collection plate set $25
La maison de Eievui Umbrella $35 (actually don't know where these have gone off to :S But do request them and I will search!!)
La maison de Eievui stamp set $35 (or $5 each if all of them are claimed)
La maison de Eievui glasses case $35
Eevee bag $13 SOLD
Eevee mug and spoon $16 SOLD

Sold: pokemon time sweater

Larger Drawstring bag $9 (one of the bags sold but I don't remember which one >-<)
Smaller Drawstring bag $7,5
Bottle with eeveelutions $13
Bento box $8 (or take the bottle and box for $17)

(Click picture for bigger view)

Chan Luu x Pokémon center collaboration Umbreon and Espeon bracelets $115 each

Never worn, has only ever been on display in a glass cabinet, but the silver has tarnished simply from exposure to oxygen.
A nice cleaning would get them shining like new again, but I'm not sure what products/equipment I should use and I'm afraid to damage/scratch them up if I use the wrong tools, which I want to avoid before selling. It's been a long time since I cleaned silverware so I feel too inexperience to go ahead and try.
Brand new, with absolutely no scratches or wear other than the oxidation miscolering that is removable like with all silver :)

Its' demo slippers $18
Black notebook $12
Notebook with calendar 2019 $9 OBO (I feel so bad for not selling this earlier, but it's mostly a notebook with a calendar on the first few pages. And it's beautiful for collection purposes! <3)
Post its $7
Pen $8 (multicolor)

Pixel sprite phone charms $7 each (Flareon left)
Deck box with eeveelutions $14 (old, rare) SOLD
Stained glass motive Candy tins $10 each (old and hard to come by) (Also have JOLTEON AND EEVEE!! Espeon, Glaceon sold)
Eeveelu Pokedoll pencil $10 OBO (also very rare)

Envelopes with different motives, including two of the eevee forest $7
Berry Pouch with Pikachu, Snorlax, Charmander, Dedenne, Fletchling and Kalos starters $4
Eevee family post card and Eevee butt artwork card $3,75 each
Leafeon button $4
Tapes with sticker of eevee and eeveelution (Flareon tape has Jolteon on the back, Sylveon tape has Umbreon on the back) $6
Pokemon with You buttons $4
Pokebox Jolteon charm $13
Vaporeon kuji rubber charm $4,5

Pokemikke pencil case $6,5
Pokemikke masking tape $6 each (or take pencil case and tapes for $10)
Magnet page dividers (singles):
Magnet bookmarks $8 per pack or singles: Vulpix $5,  Sylveon$3.5,  Dedenne$2
Walky stickers Pika $4. Eevee $4,5
Trainer sticker sheet $3
Toyopet Leafeon/Jolteon watches $19
Hip Pop Parade magnets $6 each SOLD
Sticker set with Eevee, Pika. Shaymin and friends (many different designs! Even has pokedoll page :D) $4,5
Walky coaster set with Pikachu, Mew and Eevee $5 SOLD
Vulpix/Pikachu coaster $2

Aurora Tour pouch $18
Aurora Tour notebook $15
Aurora Tour sticker set $12 SOLD
Christmas stickers $7 SOLD

Strap with Snowpix and Pikachu $3,5 SOLD
Vulpix sleeves $1 each
other sleeves $0,5 each

(Click picture for bigger image)

Fennekin Christmas/Winter rubber keychains $7,5 each SOLD
Serena and Fennekin pen $8
Serena and Fennekin keychain strap with charms $8
Meowstic My Dearest set of two mechanical pencils $14
Meowstic My dearest charm set $11
Fennekin, Eevee and Piplup Winter artwork acrylic charm $4,5
Eevee back charm with dangling tail ear phone jack charm (used in my DS, plastic pieces slightly yellowed) $3
Skymin metal charm $3,5
Turtwig metal charm $2,75
Manaphy metal charm $2,75
Unova starters coupled keychain $2,75
Xerneas charm $2,5
Delphox charm $2,5
Alola Vulpix bracelet $14
Meowstic pokedoll charm set $5
Espurr trainer dog tag keychain $2,5

Click picture for bigger image! :)

All Starter lines + Nidorans $9 each SOLD
Butterfree, Pidgey, Clefairy line $7 SOLD
Gardevoir $10 and Beautifly line (more charms) $9
Zigzagoon line $6,5

Osaka PC opening charms $3 for Meowth and $2 for Pika
Loose kokeshi charms $2 each (Cubone, Dewott, Xatu)
Dream world charms $7 (or take all for $20)
Blue Pikachu charm $3

Eeveelution kuttari charms $4 each. Sylveon $5,5
Vulpix, Absol, Jirachi set $8 (prefer not to split, have extra Absol for $3,5)
Cyndaquil, Charmander $3
Mudkip/Jirachi $2,5

Christmas set $13
Loose Mew $4
Pikachu $2
Torchix, Mudkip,Dedenne $2,5

(Click on picture to see bigger version)

Berry kuji Raichu, Pichu, Eevee glass $6
Unopened Cookie tin with Ponyta, Zebstrika and Girafarig $6 (cookies stale though) SOLD
Latios and Latias set of 2 mugs $25 SOLD

Face mists from its' demo promo $2 (pikachu with surfboard design) or free with $45 or more purchase
Potpori holder (lavender scent) with Pikachu and Dedenne $4 SOLD
Socks $3,75 each. Also have Jolteon! (or take all 3 for $8)

Fairy type mirror $7
Fairy type Bow (among character artworks is sleeping Sylveon as seen on tip of bow <3) $12
Fairy type Comb $6
Fairy type Scrunchie $9 (also has sleeping Sylveon art on it)
Fennekin/Espurr/Swirlix comb $5 SOLD
Fennekin/Espurr/Swirlix scrunchie $7

Dedenne cloth $2 (Two left)
Eevee regional towel (logo of Eevee eating strawberry crepe) $4
All other towels $3
Diancie and Meloetta textiles: $2 for colored version, $1,5 for the red and yellow drawstring pouch

Berry Kuji potpurri lavender thingy with Pikachu and Dedenne $4 SOLD
Berry Kuji Raichu, Pichu and Eevee print glass $6

Please also check out my flats and sticker freebie deals over at my journal or click HERE as the extra pictures couldn't be posted due to size limits T__T

I have a gorgeous notebook from the Celebi movie newly added over there <3 As well as lots of stickers, clearfiles and other goodies <3

Thank you so very much for looking~!! <33 I will be home for another 2 hours then go out for a bit, but will be back to reply to quotes later today ^^

Update 27/2: If you're wondering why things are taking so long, I have a migraine and I'm not really able to get much done today T__T Trying my best to get through quotes very slowly but steadily. Thank you for your patience <333

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