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Dream League Japanese Card Sales!

I don't typically collect cards but I really fell for this set! I managed to complete it, but I have a bunch of leftovers. Please have a look!

Where do you ship from? Japan
How do you ship items? Unless otherwise stated or asked, in an envelope, in a sleeve (in the case of singles. Bulk will be shipped bound together in plastic and bubble wrapped.
What currency are prices in? Japanese Yen
How do you accept payment? Paypal, to greeneswitchblade@gmail.com

Generally, shipping for 1-10 cards will be 250yen to the US or Canada.

Please ask for a quote if you're unsure about pricing. Please note that asking for a quote does not mean you get first dibs. It's first come first serve!

Sales permission granted in April, 2012 by entirelycliched!
Feedback is here!

JAPANESE SET Dream League (SM11b)

#3 Vileplume (with Erika) GX RR x 2
#20 Solgaleo and Lunala (with Lillie) GX RR x 4
#36 Zekrom and Reshimram (with N) GX RR x 3
#41 Silvally (with Gladion) GX RR

200 yen each

#50 Torkoal (with Flannery) CHR x 2 - 300yen each
#53 Wishiwashi (with Lana) CHR - 200 yen
#54 Pikachu (with Red) CHR x 2 - 500yen each
#58 Mimikyu (with Acerola) CHR - 400 yen

Japanese Tag Team GX All Stars SM12a - 150yen each

#51 Zerarora GX
#67 Machamp and Marshadow GX
#83 Lucario and Meltan GX

Assorted Rares - 75 yen each

Assorted Uncommons - 50 yen each

Bulk Stack - 264 cards of assorted Commons and Uncommons. 600 yen for the lot.
Note that this will be a little heavy and will be shipped in a box.

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