jazon4441 (jazon4441) wrote in pkmncollectors,

IDK, havent been here for a long time)

Hi all!
Hope everybody is doing well and virus-free.
Havent been here for a very long time, so I've lost a grip on the pokecollecting world XD
Just here to get some info (mostly about price and rarity) and same time put my want list (all below), which consists mainly of exclusive tomy figures:

1) Pokemon Colosseum box

Anybody know anything about this, how many units were distributed, for how long, maybe who seen somewhere, price?
Wondering if theres a Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness box also...

2) Gen 3 legendary box

3) Deoxys movie box

4) 10th ann. box

5) Sinnoh box

Besides boxes/sets, I'm also looking for separate figures:

Only MIB:

1) Shiny Garchomp

2) Shiny Gengar

3) Clear Blaziken

4) Shiny Gyarados

....And any other Clear or Battle Scene Tomys

Dont necessarily have to be MIB:

Shiny Magikarp

Shiny Noctowl

Clear Suicune

Clear Entei

Shiny Beasts MC+ 

Shiny Lucario MC+

Shiny Sinnoh starters

Also recently saw this set, but before buying it I would like to know the price to look at.

Would appreciate any kind of help/advice!
Cheers! ;)

Tags: 3rd gen, entei, garchomp, gyarados, magikarp, noctowl, suicune, tomy, wanted, wants
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