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Sylveon and Alolan Vulpix haul!

Long time no see! I've gotten a number of new plushies and charms since my intro post and I figured it was time for a haul

The majority of these are from two separate buyee bulk purchases. One of them I actually thought was lost forever. The tracker said it'd been delivered to my address at the beginning of March but I never saw it and had to assume it'd gotten lost or stolen or somehow misplaced with all the mayhem that's been happening with the virus. It only showed up in my mail box last Saturday! A whole month of thinking this package was lost forever ;-; But everyone's here safe and sound now

New collection pic!

(haul items under cut, VERY pic heavy)

Different from the setup I had when I first shared. Sylveon very quickly overfilled the little basket I had them in and now he's already overfilled the new shelf I gave him here. There's much Sylveon;;;

I made sure to buy a grid shelf too so I could continue hanging up charms and badges off the sides

Not color coded like I had with the baskets but that was just extra, I'm still very pleased with the setup u.u


Sleeping and Awake Sylveon Kuttari plushies

Not exactly the highest on my list of wants I'll admit. I'm not a fan of the huge heads and tiny, floppy bodies and Sylveon from this series is a little pricey for their size so it I'd placed these guys in my "only if I find a deal too good to refuse" category and whelp, that's what happened. I stand by that their tags are the cutest part about them haha

Pikachu and Friends Eevee Twinkle Dream prize plush


He is SO BIG and I love how well he's made. His ears have no problems standing up which I've found to be a big problem with a lot of my Sylveon plushes. His bows stay perfectly in place. The little ribbon between his paws? Adorable. I love this guy.

Pokemon Time mascot

I love love LOVE this series. Every plush I've seen from this series looks absolutely adorable. The eyes are so distinct and cartoony, it's just a rly unique look and I adore it. This boy is definitely one of my faves in my collection so far.

Large Toreba plush

I'm normally a big fan of the Toreba plushies. My I Love Eevee Relax and Standing plushies were my two favorite plushes for the longest time. I'm not as sold on this one though. They gave him a huge head that just makes him awkward looking. I'm not sure if it's because I bought him used or if it's the quality of the plush but I also just can't get one of his ears to stand up properly and the bow on his other ear is very loose, I'm afraid of it coming off. I'm considering buying a replacement plush to see if I have better luck on quality. The winking face is v charming though.

Ichiban-Kuji Sylveon and Eevee prize plush

Okay the Eeevee is so derpy fjadlkfja she's tiny...don't get me wrong her face is very cute and her tail? Adorable. But still so derpy. The fabric ring around her neck to represent her mane is so bad jkfdlkf

The Sylveon on the other hand!!!! AHHH he's gorgeous! His pink is MUCH darker than any of my other Sylvies and it really makes him stand out. The ribbons aren't stiff and they're not just pieces of felt so they look very nice imo. I love the little fangs too, I need more Sylveon fangs in my life.

Eevee Dot Collection Sylveon Cushion

I love this series!! I'm a big fan of pixel art and I love love love seeing them do something with the pixel art in Pokemon. I'd love to see more collections like this one. Maybe some based on the pixel sprites pre Kalos??

Also this thing is huge. I already had the mascot version of this cushion and was expecting something about twice the size of it. This is like three or four times the size, oh my god. My cat could sleep on this cushion.

Alolan Vulpix Pokedoll

This is my first Pokedoll and...okay I see the appeal. This guy is adorable. And the idea of having a huge plethora of Pokemon in this style is so charming. He's also bigger than I was expecting. Not by much, but still a pleasant surprise.

Hyaku Poke Yako plush

Extra pic to show off the little emblem on the back of his coat which I DID NOT REALIZE HE HAD. Such a fantastic detail to add. I really love all the Pokemon in this collection, it was a really unique idea. The Greninja in particular got me like hmmmmmm

Ichiban-Kuji Happy Beach Time prize mascot

I don't have too much to comment on this one. I do really like the pose. Just something about characters sitting with their back paws flipped up like that has always been so charming to me. I love cartoon animals that sit this way. (I'm super sorry how blurred this pic came out;;;)

New Year's Lucky Bag mascot

CUTECUTECUTECUTE I LOVE THIS IDEA. I need more Pokemon plushies sleeping in their own mini backpack. He looks so snug and comfy, only the sweetest dreams for this perfect boy. LOOK AT THE LITTLE PAWS ON HIS FACE

Dessert Plate Marzipan Alolan Vulpix mascot


I got this guy for soooooo cheap I'm so happy. I've wanted this absolute perfect plush for so long but could not justify the price he's selling at right now. The fact that I managed to nab him for less than half? And still with his tag? Hello?? I love him. Look at those teeny feets. Look at that wide, blank stare. It's like the constant state of my brain staring back at me. Marvelous.

Now onto non-plushies. I won't spend as much time on these but I'll pull a few faves.

Lotteria Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Very pretty. Very cute. I love the box art a LOT. I love that the base is also a cherry blossom tree and how "Pokemon" is carved into the trunk. Super charming. 

If I ever get my hands on the Lotteria Alolan Vulpix snow globe I'll cry

Custom Pokebox Sylveon Charm

My first Pokebox merch! I reaaaaaally love Pokebox's stuff and would love to collect their previous Sylveon stuff. Sylveon's pose is super cute here and I love the teeny candy with him.

Alolan Vulpix x Snow Miku badges

I will fully admit. I'm not. Into Hatsune Miku. I never got into Vocaloid beyond a few songs in high school and never got into the characters behind them. BUT this artwork is very cute. Very pleasing to look at. The chibi pink one on the left in particular is a favorite of mine. ALSO THE CLOAK??? THEY GAVE VULPIX??? GORGEOUS. I want. A plush with that cloak. I'm so. weak. for alolan vulpix in cloaks. NINTENDO GIVE ME MORE.

Custom Sylenis Arts Alolan Vulpix charms

lavender alolan vulpix? nice.

his shiny colors are barely noticeable in the actual games but I love fan interpretations making him more purple or even pink!!! I'd love to some day get a pink custom snowpix. The charms are super cute, I love the embroidery details, specifically the shading in the eyes and the puff of fur.

aaaaand that should be it!!

whew quite a number, hopefully I won't wait as long next time?

thanks for reading all the way through if you did!


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