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2020 Sales Post

Big sales post ahead! I really took a hard look at everything I own because I want to size it down by a lot. Mostly Ivysaur, Pikachu, Arcanine and Flareon items.

Everything in this picture is for sale!

~ I've got sales permission from lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept Paypal as form of payment
~ I ship worldwide from the Netherlands
~ Shipping outside of Europe for big items starts at $12 (this is without Track and Trace!)
~ All prices are listed in US dollars, shipping and fees are not included in this price
~ If you prefer, payment can be made in € euro's
~ Please make a minium purchase of $2.00

Bulbasaur Auldey figure MIP   $8
Ivysaur Auldey figure MIP        $8

Chupa Chups fire type tin $10
Ivysaur bootleg figure repainted by me   $3
Ivysaur FCS figure     $2
Ivysaur Auldey figure   $6
Ivysaur Tomy figure $4
Bulbasaur stamp figure blue $3
Bulbasaur keychain Tomy figure (without keychain) $3

Arcanine fit plush MWT   $10
Arcanine clear bootleg Tomy figure    $15
Arcanine zukan figure      $25
Arcanine kid figure     $3
Growlithe kid figure    $3
Arcanine metal figures price depending on the condition, ranging from $5 to $15
Pikachu AG plush MWT   $20
Charmander canvas plush MWT   $18
Caterpie and Pokeball nanoblocks $7 comes with original packing and extra blocks
Pokémon Trainer Guess   $10

Going from top left to bottom right
Pikachu Mystery Dungeon figure    $15
Pikachu surfing Tomy figure             $3
Pikachu right next to surfing Pikachu metallic  $5
Pikachu keychain Twinkle Dolly MIP $6
Pikachu metallic Tomy  $10
Pikachu Tomy figure  $3
Pikachu Tomy figure $3
Pikachu metallic Tomy    $10
Pikachu peace sign   $3
Pikachu all fours  $4
Pikachu running clear (with the original box) $15
Pikachu running metallic $8
Pikachcu keychain figure $2
Pikachu keychain figure $2
Pikachu all fours $4
Pikachu metal gold figure $2

Buy all Pikachu for $50

Flippo Collector complete $15
Flareon kid attack figure $3
Flareon kid figure $4
Eevee stamper figure $3
Jolteon red figure   $5
Vaporeon red figure $5
Flareon red figure $5
Flareon metal figure $10 each
Flareon tin $15
Flareon Twinkle Dolly MIP $8
Flareon keychain figure $8
Flareon battle museum figure $10
Flareon keychain big   $6
Flareon FCS figures all 3 for $15
Flareon bootleg figure $2

Buy all Flareon for $50

Pokeball left one $1
Pokeball right one $1
Masterball with Zekrom $1

Buneary figure $1
Pokemon Time bookmark (Blastoise on the back)     $1
Oddish Pokemon Time tin $4
Growlithe Pokemon Time tin (dented bottom) $8
Eeveelution wallet $15

Eeveelution pouch $10
Cubone keychain figure (mark on head) $3
Hoppip keychain figure $3

Sentret keychain figure $5
Snubbull keychain $3
Marill keychain $3

small red figure $0.25 each
Tags: arcanine, charmander, eevee, eeveelution, flareon, ivysaur, pikachu, sales
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