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Hi everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

I would like to introduce you all to my ULTIMATE POKEMON GRAIL!! An enormous thank you to xxlatiosxx for finding ANOTHER listing for me. I seriously cannot thank you enough, my friend!! I expected the shipping to be pretty delayed, but it doesn’t even matter because look at it!!



I am now the extremely proud and humbled owner of a Giant Namco Zorua! He is alsolutely stunning, a wonderful grumpy masterpiece. I can now realize my dream of patting his head every time I walk past him. He’s in pretty good condition, no stains or anything. His left leg isn’t as sturdy so he sits on this book for support. I’d like to get a box or something for him so he’s not on the floor. He sits in front of the other movie stars.

His name is Oba, which is the word for a king in Benin, Nigeria, and Togo. And he is definitely the king of my collection!

Nickname: Mr. Grumpy Gills.

Some closeups:


I hope the vinyl holds up for a while. It would be nice if this part stuck up a litle more, but it's not a huge deal.


Had to get that a shot of that big ol fluffy tail. His tush tag is a little beat up.


The eyes have very nice stitching, Great quality and feel.


A Tricky Fox family photo! Didn’t notice the photobomber until I uploaded the pic:P I find the size differences pretty funny. Just need the talking one and that's it for them! I still think zorua deserves a mofu mofu plush too.

I would like some cleaning suggestions for him. He must have been in storage for a while since he smells like a bunch of mothballs. I did use my hand vacuum to get any dust off him at least. I also have 2 small plush that smell like smoke. They’ve been in a bag with baking soda for about a month, but I don’t think it’s doing anything.

That’s al for my collection this year. First thing on my list for next year is the big squishy wooloo! Because of course it would be released right as I got the big guy. Oh well.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great week!:)

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