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Massive Grail get!! Shiny Magikarp Namco Twitter campaign plush!

Omg! I can’t believe that I am actually holding him... It’s so unreal...
He is a massive grail of mine and he is in perfect condition with tushtag and hangtag intact.

This guy could be won by entering a Twitter contest by Bandai Namco in 2017.
You had to send in a picture from a Pokemon you caught or one that got away in a Pokemon fishing game (Tsuri Spirits Pokemon version) that were only located in Namco Game Centers.

I have read that there would have been 50 pieces made maximum if there were at least a 1000 entries.
But I have also read that there were only 30 made. That info was also vaguely included in the listing that I bought.
But I can’t find any evidence if that is actually true.

Unfortunately the webpage is no longer up so I am not able to find any info.

I have tried tweeting at Bandai Namco JP just yesterday to ask them how many winners there were.
I haven’t gotten a response yet. But it is an old thread so I might not get any response at all.
If I do ever get a response I will make an update.

If anyone else has any info on him I would love to know! Thank you for looking!

Some more pics and info under the cut!

Size compared to the Small PC plush:

Twitter campaign image:

Twitter campaign link:釣りスピリッツでポケモン

Myfigurecollection dot net link where I found some info and included the bandai namco site link:

Image and (info?) found on Google:
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