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Pokemon X Lesportsac

I am guessing most of you guys are not too interested in this collection but I was very excited when I heard about it.

The US Pokemon Center site does not carry many Pokemon bags, and when the Japanese site does, the bags that they sell are either too small or not very durable. I am the type of person who normally carries their life in their bags. :) And my biggest gripe is that there are not many Pokemon bags that are useful and durable. Lesportsac kind of started out as a luggage company, so most of their bags are very useful for travel. What I like is that a lot of the bags are crossbody, and the biggest thing for me is that there is a zipper! I need bags that zips up. You never know when someone will try to pick pocket an open top bag, or when you have to suddently step on the breaks in your car and your bag goes flying with everything inside it.

I have been using Lesportsac bags for years, so you can probably tell I am very excited about this collaboration. They used to be a US based company but was later bought out by a company in Japan. Over the years they have done collaborations with Disney, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, and Nintendo. After the Nintendo collaboration I thought they might do a Pokemon one, and they finally did.

I have taken pictures of what I bought (below) but the website have some really detailed pictures too.
Pokemon X Lesportsac website: https://www.lesportsac.com/collections/pokemon-x-lesportsac

If you guys end up liking things from this collaboration, try getting it from the US site and not the Japanese one. For some reason Lesportsacs are more expensive in Japan than the US. This collaboration was released a month ago in Japan, and we only got it recently in the US. Also you may see variations too in bag styles and prints. The US and Japanese Lesportsac sites sometimes get different things. I know for a fact that the JP Pokemon Center got an exclusive print.

Yes, I am done rambling....

They did 3 versions of the ball bag, Pikachu with the Ultra ball, Eevee with a Great ball, and Jigglypuff with a regular Pokeball. Of course I only got the one with Pikachu. The Pokeball wristlet on the right was a big surprise for me. I actually debated getting it, and its a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

These are cosmetic bags. The picture on the top is the front of the bags, the picture on the bottom is the back.

This print is probably my favorite in this collaboration. The blue is really pretty, and good for summer. I don't thnk my camera did a very good job of capturing the color. My only gripe about this is that one of the pouches I got has a bad print placement :( there is no Pikachu on it.

My collection Page also has more pictures of these bags if you want to see it, but the Lesportsac website probably did a better job.

Link to my Lesportsac items

Also with Japan post not shipping, most of my packages in Japan are either in warehouses or is currently in shipping limbo so I just worked on updating my page with some items I already have. I will have more updates if I ever get my items here.

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