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More gets!

Hi everyone!

Hope all doing well and coming back to normal life :D

I think a lot of you have already realised that I'm a big fan and collector of Tomy/Moncolle figures (99% of what I collect XD) and this post will be in the same fashion :)

So last week the day after I received my Shiny MC+ package, another arrived! After waiting for "some" time and spending some good $$ for shipping these beauties are finally here!

Glad I got this 10th Anniversary set for a good price on Y!J, the metallic paint is beautiful!

These fellas got me into a good old bid war XD

They are exclusive 7 Eleven Japan sold only movie promo Tomys. Pikachu's have different poses and Zoroark has  metallic paint))

Again, I must repeat, the Gen4/DP Tomys are gorgeous and so well designed, especially these with orange colour! :)

I was lucky to get Krabby off from an fellow countryman (Australia) on Ebay with no bid wars hahahah

Scyther and Eevee were in the same lot as the 7 Eleven tomys and in great condition regarding they are almost 20 years old.

2013 MIP ToysRUs Japan exclusive Clear Blaziken Tomy. No thoughts on opening it at all! :D


And here is another Shiny buddy! Also 1000 pieces were only made. Hard to recognise the Shiny version, since its very similiar to the normal one. Now I only need both Shiny Turtwig and Chimchar...

Other Tomy's that came with the lots!

Shelves are looking better now! Next I think I'll be putting my wishlist, but Ill have to wait some time, don't want to fill the feed with my posts only Hahahah

Thanks for looking! Take care :)

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