Mosh (cryptidanthem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello Again 2.0 (Collection Update)

It's been quite some time !!
I previously introduced myself a while back in September of last year, but I've changed some of my collection since then, and some things about myself as well, so I figured it's time for a reintroduction or an update of sorts. I'm still getting used to LJ and figuring out how it all works, so I do apologize if the formatting on this is weird or anything like that haha
My name is Mosh ! My pronouns are they/them or she/her, and I've loved Pokemon for 16 years ! I've been collecting for nearly as long.
My main collections currently are: Lucario/Riolu, Girafarig, Politoed/Poliwhirl/Poliwag, the Mudkip evo line, Lugia, and Zekrom !
My side collections are: Hoothoot/Noctowl, the Goodra line, Venonat, the Scolipede line, Mewtwo/Mew, the Larvitar line, Spinda, and I also just generally enjoy collecting Mystery Dungeon merch and things related to the Sinnoh region !!
I have some other favorite Pokemon that I don't really collect, but still love a whole lot, such as Wurmple, Trubbish, Empoleon, Grovyle, and more !
Now, about my collection ! I need to take some updated photos of my main collections when I get the chance, but for now I'll post the most recent ones I have of my Lucario/Riolu collection !!

one of my lucario pins isn't in this photo, along with several cards that are with the rest of my card collection, but I am rearranging my collections currently so once I have everything organized again I'll be sure to take more pictures to show you guys !!

I'm currently looking for anything Lucario/Riolu that I don't already have, and any Girafarig merch besides the Jakks Pacific figure, so if you know anyone looking to sell anything like that, be sure to send em my way ! :)

thank you for reading, I'm excited to share my collection with all of you as it grows bigger and bigger, and hopefully make some new friends here !!
Tags: collection, collection update, lucario, plush, pokemon
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