wyvucosplay wrote in pkmncollectors

Looking for these rare dragons

Hey y'all! My name's Mika and I've been a lurker here for years before finally joining in 2020! I would write a more in-depth introduction post showing off my collection and cosplays, but I'm kinda busy trying to take care of all the stupid nonsense going on in the world right now.

There is one simple thing I'd like to ask, though. Does anybody happen to be selling this Mega Charizard X TCG figure from 2014? It came in the Mega Charizard X collection box, I have one but got a little overzealous with figure customization and now it just won't ever be the same.

Another item I'm looking for is this 3rd party Tyrantrum zukan/zuken, so if anyone is able to find it, it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks so much, and stay safe everyone!


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