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So yeah.

It happened. 

I honestly not in a million years would have thought this item would have found its way into my possession. Years of searching and feelings of hopelessness that such an item truly was out there and existed and would ever be mine. All of my searching based on one existing photo that only myself had seemed to have uncovered. Needless to say, the crown jewel of my collection and holiest of grails. Lots of you helped me research this mysterious poster and find out what exactly it was that I was looking for, and I thank you and this community for being so cool. Super special thanks to nadoki65 and magearna, without whom I would never have spotted the incredibly generic listing of 'Vintage Pokemon Poster.' Honestly still in major disbelief. My collection is nearing completion now, I am waiting on another grail of mine to arrive and I may post about it once it gets here but until then, my quest is complete. Still a few items out there that I am interested in collecting, but for now, I am finished.

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