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6 months of 2020 has blessed me with latis, lugia, weavile, ninetales, absol, glameow & more [gets]

Hello fellow collectors! I'm here with a post of the first half of the years gets (although some still at a warehouse...) but I have quite a bundle of joys I would love to share with you! This is a collection update and not a full post and from the time I last posted I have....moved things around again....moved my bed and computer but that'll wait for another day hehe!

So hello I go by Soital, Latté, Lati, Moo, Latios and all the nice things. I'm just some girl fanatic about collecting....love it, breathe it that kind stuff! Until I can no longer anyway! I've been collecting for over two decades and have slowly accumalted a giant stash of goodies I enjoy looking at!

My main collections (I aim to get anything and everything of...eventually!) are Latios, Latias, Lugia, Weavile & Ninetales!

I have many side collections (I slowly collect...): Leafeon, Jolteon, Haunter, Houndoom, Mismagius, Zangoose, Salamence, Absol, Lopunny, Skarmory, Glameow, Miltank, Giratina, Froslass, Shiny Vulpix, Zorua, Fennekin Line, Litten/Torracat and the Nickit line!  For the Digimon lovers my main collections are; Renamon, Kyubimon & Impmon (Yaamon, Viximon too when I can!)

What do we have here....? So many high wants....

So usually, I used to collectively group my 6 months of gets together through Pokemon to Pokemon, it did take a while and more often than not I would have to remove things from my shelves and it'd take 100x longer...so, I'm going to do a group shot of my packages through the months I got them instead and then talk about varied ones that way with pics! It'll make sense! x3

So last year... WOW OH WOW did I get amazing things, I was estactic about the many grails I aquired and finally completed many sets ! So I never dreamed that I would get another item I've been longing to get for over a decade) so soon into the year....

January 2020 Package

Pictured: Banpresto 2002 Latias & Latios Lottery Pillow, Shikishi 2019 Latias & Latios / Salamence Art and a Lugia swing charm.

A small package but a very important one! I don't seem to have my images of the art boards or charm yet (so I must take them and publish them on my site ASAP!) but...one of the few known items I know of from the 2002 Lottery that featured Latias & Latios...OH MY GOOOOSH I cannot believe my eyes...my luck...I didn't even know I'd win this considering! I imagine there are only an X amount of these pillows as well because of how scarce they are and anything I imagine of that lottery because I simply can't find ANY information about it...oh but I plan to, I'm determined to find it some day...!

This adorable pillow most likely shares the same lottery as the banpresto 2002 Latias & Latios plush that I was able to get last year, I'm sure of it! I'm in love....I'm so happy this is one of the biggest things for me to get and its JANUARY oh my!!! I had another 11 months of gets what on earth could 2020 be in store for me with this amazing start! The art boards are lovely in person and two of collections managed to get on there...now wheres the 4th Gens ones plz... hint hint nudge nudge weavile cough. A long time want is the small Lugia swing charm I won for starting bid, I was very happy to do so as well since its something I found quite...charming x3!

Outside of Japan packages;

Pictured: Latias & Latios AG Pogs, TCG Promo Card, NYC 2003 Latias & Latios watches.

Well, things I never ever would have expected to get...outside of Japan!? I usually don't buy too much outside the EU (currently) and Japan, sadly having to avoid many good things on USA sites unless an absolute gem pops up...well these are those gems! I sometimes just go on a little spree every now and then teehee!

I got some more pogs yipeee! The Latis have SO many of these and HOLY MOLY something to have of that TCG promo is always a win win some of my favourite art indeed!

OKAY so the watches...from the original New York Pokemon Center holy holy moo moo...I am in awe, I am in love and a red & blue watch to match the theme of Latias & Latios is just the tip! These are absolutely gorgeous watches and I'm enthralled by them! Truly! I just saw them one day and I had to snap them up...they were in the right place and at the right time! The red watch appeared first I instantly bought it and talked to the seller who was super friendly and told me much about where they were bought and that another watch would be listed that featured Latis too! I was sadly at work that day but when I got back the listing for the blue watch had only appeared not so long after, wow what luck! I am very happy to have such a rare gem from the NYC PC!

Pictured: Alolan Ninetales & Lugia food packets, Absol Clear and Pearly TFG, Clear Attack Kid Absol figure, European Candy Lugia and Froslass figures.

These are gets from our fellow collectors here and a discord! HOMG Ninetales food packets...any main Pokemon food packets CAPTURE MY HEART x3!
I managed to get some lovely Absol items from absol which I am so grateful to add to my slow growing Absol collection, the TFG and clear attack figure have been on my want list for so very long as well as that Lugia candy figure, got one for a decent price along with a Froslass whom I've always wanted to collect... ! I wish TFG would have continued, they had such beautiful figures....

More food packets here as well, managed to find a litten furikake packet I didn't have, only one more border colour to go... XD!

Pictured: Lugia & Baby Lugia Picture Book, Ninetales & Latios lenticulars, Weavile AG Patch, Stamp Rally Latios & Latias items, Zangoose pog, Glameow dice, Clear Latias & Latios keychains and Skarmory & Ninetales pogs.

Okay last batch that came outside of Japan everything here apart from the dice and the lugia book were part of a very long on going trade with clicky797! Our trade finally got there in the end eh?? XD Hope you got yours well! I am sooo happy with everything and really really love that Weavile patch, gosh anything Weavile I get is so lovely and a nice treat!

Baby Lugia book....ITS SO ADORABLE PEOPLE. I got it for... $1 on eBay can you believe?! Cheapest...Lugia item...ever!

March 2020 Package

Pictured: Torracat Hitachi flats, Banpresto Absol, Salamence & Latis carnival cards, Leafeon/Jolteon soft drinks & Pokedolls, Lugia 2019 & Absol Sanei plush (and Renamon hehe!), Lugia 2001 bottle carrier, Salamence and Ninetales thank you notes, Fennekin 2015 Doridori plush, Banpresto Zorua  2010 koroto manmaru 26cm and 35cm plush, Ensky Lopunny Puzzle, Ensky Mismagius Puzzle.

I had two big packages on the way to me in March, this was the second from one of my middlemen! Sadly....the other one is truly lost....these two packages were sent at the start of March when all the chaos was ensuing about parcels and delays were non stop, this one managed to get here which I am very thankful for but...I lost a grail and a high want in that other (1 Weavile, 1 Lati related ;;) I have never had a box and certainyl not had ems go missing before...I only hope it gets here safe and sound one day but it has been over 120+ days... ;;

Anyhoo enough of the sob story! This was a PLUSH GALORE package eh?! I managed to get the beautiful Leafeon & Jolteon pokedolls and I must say I am very impressed with them, I utterly find them quite charming and prefer them over their originals! Fennekin doridori plush I've been wanting for so long, she was just up for auction and I only placed the starting bid...won with no competition horray! As for the Zoruas I went on a little zorua plush spending spree (the other package had 3 other zorua plush ;;)  but for these I found the small and larger version of the plush! Glad to see them side by side together so it's easier to see the differences they have as they're pretty much similar in promotion!

HERE I GO AGAIN with Hitachi banners...love them...can't stop me from longingly finding them...if only I had better luck with some others some time! Torracat this time and I looooooooove it. I am so slow with my Litten/Torracat collection but I love adding these flags to it! ARGH a flat of Latis I've wanted for a long time...and I got them together as a set with Absol and Salamence! x3

The puzzles are quite unique looking, I was looking for something else but stumbled upon this small lot with a Lopunny and Mismagius! I mean, c'mon I couldn;t say no to that! Getting something of Mismagius is slow these days and even more for Lopunny who I'd dubb to be the slowest I've ever had...mostly because theres not much around other then flats that I'm after (and that dang retsuden stamp)!

June 2020 Package

Pictured: Meiji 2005 Empty Giant Chocolate Bar Packet, 2002 Latias & Latios Movie Cup & Drawstring Pouch, Pokemon 2005 Spring Lati Munchlax Wristband, Absol Movie 6 Wristband, Movie 6 Absol & Co Passport, Erasers and Glow in the dark magnets(?), Revelation Lugia HB pencils, Lugia 2001 Promotion notebook, plasters and letter set, Absol 2003 Pokemon Center tin, Pokedoll 2003 Salamence & Absol tin, Pokelid Manhole Jolteon & Leafeon rubber keychains and various TCG.

Lets see some of the highlights!

So...where to start? Latis...I found a glorious lot that benefitted myself and a great friend of mine, it was full of Lati and Absol/Jirachi goods alongside a few other things! I was only after two of the items in there of the Latis both of them movie merch and the best thing? Minty, with tags!!! I have wanted these items for such a long time it's amazing that they finally came to be...when we won the Drawstring bag appeared TWICE...the first time in a looooong time!!! They all come in threes haha! But that cup.....first time I've seen it in a very long time and its beautiful, has a misty like effect and made of plastic! Two super high wants done! I only need a couple of movie merch items now to finally get them all, super excited!

More highlights....I...cannot believe I got these at such great prices! I did get a few other Absol goodies in this box I love but these are my main favs! The yellow tin is MUCH bigger than I thought and can store many things and...the Pokedoll tin ;W;!!! Felix thank you so much again for linking me to the Pokedoll tin I cannot believe my luck with it! Pokedoll merch usually snap up so fast so maybe it was meant to be? x3 Absol....you've had nothing much in the last few years but in the past 6 months you have soared above most of my side collections, even some mains with obtaining merch I've wanted for such a long time...I feel very cherished with these x3!

Okay one more highlight cus...you gotta right? I can't ignore this GIANT WHOPPING CHOCOLATE BAR box can I? Okay so originally this was in an old wants post but I never knew how BIG this thing was, it was empty and I was a little curious at what the chocolate would have looked like and...right at the back of the box...it shows!!! Gosh that looks yummy...though I doubt over a decade old chocolate bar would taste good....or would it? ;3c but I got it because....Weavile of course! I honestly thought it was a regular sized chocolate bar orz

July 2020 Package

PicturedAna 2004 Inflatable Latias & Latios Plane (& Lugia), Ana Toy Plane, Pokepark 2005 Notebook & Mechanical Pencil Latias & Latios, 2005 Latias & Latios Monthly Calender (& Absol/Salamence), Latias & Latios Movie AG Pog,  Meiji Lugia & Ho-oh Coin Binders, Gold & Silver Lugia & Ho-oh Manga Strips, Tokyo Dome 2018 Lugia Event Bag, Weavile 2006 Calender, Weavile Pokedoll 2005 Cloth/Handkerchief, Weavile PC 2005 HB Pencil (an Absol and Jolteon HB pencil too), Weavile Retsuden Stamps, Weavile DPP Letter Stamps (& Lopunny, Mismagius & Glameow), Weavile AG Pop out magnet, Pokelid 2020 Alolan Ninetales Manhole Cover Coin, Absol 2003 Mini Lunch box, Absol 2003 Watch Strap, Glameow 2008 Moveable Body, Glameow PC 2019 Yawning Promotion Standee/Keychain, Clear Froslass Kid Figure, Alt Giratina 2008 Pokedoll, 2019 Zorua Halloween Rubber Strap, Haunter & Jolteon swing charms, Pokelid Manhole 2020 Cover Can Badges of: Jolteon, Leafeon, Alolan Ninetales, Miltank & Latios.  Pokelid Manhole 2020 Cover Postcards of: Jolteon, Leafeon, Miltank, Glameow/Litten. Pokelid Manhole 2020 Rubber Keychains of: Latios.  ((Impmon Digi Memory & Medals with Kyubimon))

Oookay....the big one. This has been a very much long awaited package and...theres more with my middleman here so this is...welp only half! I found so many beautiful items...some super cheap others not so cheap but...I don't regret it and I have pulled SO many long wanted items here...wow....I just... pictures! Pictures!!! Lets look at many highlights!!!

ANA 2004 Latias, Latios & Lugia with friends Inflatable jet plane!

zOOOOOOM lets start with an aeroplane! Uh...when I saw this listing I never encountered such a plane before I am in awe! The size and how many Pokemon there are on here is lovely, definitely something I enjoy to look at and theres Latias & Latios!!! Yipeee!! Let's flip this aeroplane and....

LUUUUUUUUUUGIAAAAA and a bunch of other beautiful Pokemon too!! Two in one main collections thanks very much! Theres a lot of small toys (and big!) of this ANA jet but I'm pretty content for the time being with this inflatable, I had never seen this one before so I had to snap it up when I did! Sadly I think theres a tiiiny hole because it deflates after a while, I think I have found where it may be though and could be an easy enough fix for now! Got it pretty cheap so I can't complain! Such a neat little find!

Pokepark 2005 Latias & Latios Mechanical Pencil & Notepad.

Oooooh boy Pokepark Lati merch still hypes me up like a little kid! I really adore anything I get thats new of these they have such beautiful merch from the park and FINALLY GOSH FINALLY the mechanical pencil....I admit I spent a bit on this because I got SO tired of missing this all the time (I even had to skip on it years ago as I had a bigger offer on someones lati collection that never happened in the end XD) but man....to obtain it once and for all is just fantastic, its so pretty! I love the pages in the notepad, even if they did fall out!

Pokemon Center 2005 Calendar - Latias & Latios, Salamence and Absol pages!

I had originally bought this once before but had been in my lost package I managed to find another last month and was really happy about it...I mean if the package ever finds me I can sell the extra....! This calender is gorgeous and have vibrant colours on each page! Heres some of my collection pages! x3

Meiji Metal Coin Album 2 prize featuring Lugia & Ho-oh

A little used but I really don't care these are BEAUTIFUL and have that old book vibe with them! So the silver coins that were made by Meiji for the 1st and 2nd generation? Yep these are holders for them! To my knowledge these were actually not sold in stores but in fact prizes to win. The seller described them as a raffle/winning ticket if you hand in coupons it seems which was quite common a thing to do back then, I imagine they're around 1999-2001 era. Lugia holds gen 1 coins and Ho-oh gen 2 coins! I love the deep blue Lugia has here...and honestly? I love the Ho-oh one too!

An example of what it looks like inside, you put the coins in here if you want! I did not know about these until I saw them for sale...pricey but..not too bad!! I wanted them so much! X3

Pokemon Gold & Silver Manga Strip

Speaking of books...just wanted to show off the covers more of these they're super adorable and easy enough to find, I was searching for the wake up Lugia book but ended up finding these instead! Inside are little manga strips of various gen 1-2 Pokemon this may help me read japanese easier some time! Their struggling faces make me giggle (and relate) quite well at times (especially when I'm working!!)

Tokyo Dome 2018 Lugia Shopper Event Bag

Sooo another thing I didn't know about....an event bag from a mystery solving event! That sounds so cool and I wanna know more...perhaps I'll go digging some time as it was only two years ago! My gosh the art is divine, shame Lugia was barely in this movie but I am thankful for merch like this, I'm missing quite a bit but I'll get there!

Pokedoll 2005 Weavile Cloth/Handkerchief, 2006 Calender ft. Weavile and Ensky Weavile retsuden stamp!

RETSUDEN STAMP GET! Gee...Weavile took years to obtain and many a time did I miss his stamp but I ended up with two....I'm getting flashbacks to Absol! XD I am SO so happy to get him and thank you big time nuclearrains for pointing the hidden stamp out for me....I'm so grateful and feel blessed to have a community that looks out for each others super wants! I'm still on the hunt for a few more of these annoying stamps and I'm determined to get the ones I'm after!  As for the cloth....yay I got another Weavile pokedoll cloth! I have missed this a few times as well as Pokedoll merch is/was quite coverted! I'd love to find the others some time! A calender I had favourited the page of and was sold eventually a long time ago, so I went searching for it again and eventually managed to get it! Yay! I love Weaviles pose here and I just adore getting Weavile merch in general, most of his singular stuff I'm after now are quite hard to find or just simply not around as much but I am always on the lookout! x3

Pokelid Manhole Cover 2020 Alolan Ninetales Hokkaido Coin

Oh. My. Gosh. If you're contemplating this....GET IT. It's a lot bigger than I thought, the coin is quite heavy and the wooden box is cute.... this retails at 6,000 yen but will probably be a bit more (and a lot more later) from resellers. All of the kanto tales gets I had was in my lost package sadly but Alolan Ninetales...she got a beautiful promotion here! Since Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales was the mascot for Hokkaido she is getting a blind packaged; Rubber Keychain, Can Badge and Postcard (every single design gets 1 of each of these). The exclusive merchandise of this includes; Mugs, Posters and a giant sticker....and yes I have them ordered....they may be in the next package along with the other things since the can badge came along with this one! Beautiful....simply beautiful.

TOMY 2003 Absol Pokeball Watch Strap & Pokemon Center 2003 Mini Lunch Box

Jeeze Absol....will you ever stop amazing me with these gets?! Both of these were found under a bit of rubble and hidden away from the obvious eyes oh but find them I did and I wanted these items for quite a long time...I thought I might get the mini box eventually but I never thought I'd find the watch strap so soon and for such an amazing price too. He was in a lot of stuff with other watches I will sell soon enough but I don't mind, happy to pay that shipping charge since it was so cheap...its beautiful and wow I just can't believe it xD!!!

Glameow 2008 Moving Body Craft & Pokemon Center 2019 Yawning Campaign Glameow Standee/Keychain

Another "I didn't know this existed?!" item...the moving body craft of Glameow and it's bigger than I thought! She comes with 14 other Pokemon that you place joints with so you can move their joints around, I bought the whole box of them just for the Glameow and I am so happy I did, I never even knew this existed! Shame there was no Weavile.... ! Glameow has a VERY special place in my heart (and my own little character) so when I find something like this I'm over the moon... it makes me happy. I would love fellow Glameow collectors to find more of these and add it to their collection, she very much needs a new plush soon! Nudge nudge to the fit series please! Also a BRAND NEW standee, holy moly she FINALLY got on a piece of merch and had a singular item made!!! It can be a standee or a keychain and originally came with Flareon. I'm fine with Glameow!!!

This is whats on the back, and all the mons inside, I will be selling them eventually and a bunch of other things....when I can ....!

Also...before I go....I obtained MIP....

I bought them because I want that NINETALES PLANE....but I'm too scared to open them....what do I dooooooooooooooo?! I wish I could hold them to the light and see whats inside!!!

So...my website I have been updating things bit by bit this year; just a brief overview (judging by my google photos)

  • Leafeon & Jolteon pages have had a major update!

  • Absol has had a big update as well, still needs TLC

  • Miltank, Glameow, Haunter, Zangoose, Mismagius, Lopunny pages - some/most images/info have been updated.

  • Giratina & Froslass pages slightly edited/added images.

  • Fennekin has had slight image changes, still needs major work along with Zorua.

  • Impmon & Renamon have had major image updates & flats/cards information updated.

  • Latias & Latios TCG have been added on the Other/Flats

  • Added new pages for Latis as some pages were getting very image heavy.

  • Lugia page (misc) updated.

....okay you get it, a lot of pages updated! I aim to fix Fennekin, Skarmory and clean Weaviles figures page soon to make it look like the rest....still haven't got everything on there but I will try!

Please check out my website for more details, images and fun:  https://soital.weebly.com/  !!!
Why not add my wants?


+ Lotto Lugia 2006 Bandai Plush
+ Hitachi Pokemon Heroes Latias & Latios Banner
+ My 151 Ninetales Shipping Box
+ Promotional 2000 Lugia Blow Up



+ PC Latias & Latios Bag
+ Latios & Latias Standees
+ Movie 2002 Latias & Latios Shirt
+ Pokedoll Latias & Latios Booklet
+ Weavile Coin Purse
+ ALL Weavile Colour Erasers (Except Yellow)
+ Weavile Cartridge
+ Fake TOMY Clear Ninetales figure
+ Ninetales settei/cels.

Find more wanted items here: https://soital.weebly.com/wants.html and https://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/4134.html Side collections here;  https://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/12756.html

Thank you for reading, or looking at the images and...enjoy your Pokemon collecting! I like to chat to people so please always feel free to leave a comment! I'm active on discord too!

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