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Recent gets and a collection update (finally!)

Hello community ^^ I hope everyone is doing good!

A big box of gets arrived today so it's time for my annual collection update, yay! Careful, it's image heavy!

[Go green!]

Aah, so much good stuff! Suction cup plushies, Pokédoll charm set, figures, towels, keychain figures etc. etc.

Okay, let's move on to the collection! This is not absolutely everything, about 90%.

Plush, plush and some more plush! I have lost count of them all, but I believe there are more than 50.

Treecko and Grovyle!


Flats etc.

Few more plush and misc. stuff!

Perler sprites and a towel hanging on my wall.

Mega Sceptile resin statue and complete Sceptile TCG collection.

My bedroom backup shelf which is also full...

And finally, my three big babies. I love them all so much <333

If you want to see more detailed collection, I'm doing a collection tour video which I will post on my Instagram tomorrow! My IG account: I post there every day!
EDIT: Here is the collection tour video:

I'm getting not one, but two major grails soon! I'll post them when they reach me ^^
Finally, a mandatory Sceptile/Hawlucha photo:

Friends <3

Whew... I think this is all for now! See you next time ^_^
Tags: collection update, gets, grovyle, hawlucha, sceptile, toxicroak, treecko
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