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Snom, Pincurchin, Pyukumuku

Heya all! Today I received a huge box from Japan full of big, cute, squishy things...

I love these three Pokémon so much, especially Snom since I love caterpillars (I even keep them as pets!). I like Caterpie and Wurmple too, but Snom is like, THE ultimate caterpillar-mon to me. Unless they make a fantastic hornworm Pokémon one day, it will be hard to dethrone Snom for me.

Ahem, back to the plush. If you're on the fence about getting the squishy plush, do it. Or at least get the small keychain versions. I promise you won't regret it!
The Pokémon Center Snom plush is extremely nice, too. It's got a decent weight to it and beans in its belly :3

Pincurchin is another guy I really love. So I was happy to see him included in this set. Hope for more zappy boys in future!

Pyukumuku was already a beloved collection of mine. Speaking of him, I'd like some help from other Pyukumuku collectors.

Before receiving the squishy plush, this was my whole Pyukumuku collection (I only collect his plush and figures, no flats or other items at the moment).

Plush first!

I am aware I'm missing two huge plush that were sold in Japan a while ago. I think one was Sanei? The other should be from the World Market Series iirc. They have ridiculous prices on the secondhand market though, so I'm afraid I'll never own them :(
And then there's the Pokeball blind packed plush that I REALLY want.
Not sure if I've missed anything else.

These instead are my figures:

I also bought this, but it's currenly on the other side of the world at a friend's house, not sure when I'll actually have it:

With figures, I've admittedly lost track. If you know of any figures I don't own, please let me know, I want to compile a good wishlist.

I'd love to see photos of any Pyukumuku collections ♥️

Thanks so much for reading. And happy, safe collecting as usual!
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