Kade (goodbuyer1) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Giant Namco Raffle Zorua Plush Grail in the Mail!

I don’t post on here as much as I should, I have such a huge collection of multiple Pokémon Plushies to show off, I definitely will be posting more. But today I got a Zorua Grail!

Giant Namco Raffle Zorua Plush from 2010! He’s huge and absolutely adorable!

Aside from his obvious flaws it seems, his face is a bit crinkled and not so full of stuffing...

His hair is a bit cracked too...

I also noticed that he’s SUPER faded it seems compared to the other Giant Zoruas I’ve seen out there. Maybe it’s the lighting? Or maybe he really is faded? Don’t think I can fix that. He’s also pretty dirty too, well, he has like wood chip pieces stuck into his fabric all over, I’ve tried a lint roller, washcloth, duct tape, nothing will pull it out! The only thing that works is MANUALLY pulling out each piece one by one... and he’s got it EVERYWHERE!

For the price I got him at, I can’t complain. He’s super adorable just wish he wasn’t so faded. If anyone’s got cleaning suggestions let me know! It’s gonna take awhile to fully clean this big guy, maybe he’s dusty and has his true color underneath? xD

Anyways, super awesome and lucky find that I wanted to share with everyone! :)
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