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Collection overview, recent arrivals, customs, and sales !

Hi all! I recently re-organized my collections (which was kinda pointless since I am moving soon lmao) and wanted to share !! Also got some highly sought after items as well.

Firstly, sales ! I've added a bunch of stuff (mostly zukan and chouget). Rules and whatnot past the link ! Tomorrow night I will be posting the rest through ebay in lots. Click on link or image for sales
-Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96


Black kyurem zukan!! I've been hunting this for a while and managed to find it in a lot. Now I've got both black and white kyurem overdrive zukan and the collection feels pretty complete for the most part !!

I decided to buy a second gold Palkia and repaint it into the normal colours. I think I got the colouring spot-on !

Masterball light-up figure of Arceus!! I'm currently hunting down the Giratina version. The battery on this one died but I can't find the right batteries for it

This one is a little hard to see, but it's from the mcdonalds light up pokeball things ! The pokeball was hard to display so I took palkia out and put the ball in a box.

These three ! First one is from ebay and the other two are from haepbrosonearth ! I would love to find the clear overdrive version of both b/w kyurem. Eventually

Look how cute he is,,,,, I am also looking for the white kyurem overdrive version as well !

Some Arceus plush!! I found some cheap ones, I think Im gonna go for it and start collecting the plate plushies too. I already have the dark and water types. Out of that lot on the left, I'm only keeping the Arceus. The rest will be going into my sales once they are in my posession, so keep an eye out !

I had one of these years ago and sold it bc I went through a phase :,^) Finally got it back via a lot !

This beast. I was gonna get the small one too, but I couldn't afford it along with the big one. I kinda consider it a custom. I hope they make the origin form next

Speaking of custom plushes, I also got this absolute unit. On facebook, of all places !! The one time I decide to go on. He is HEAVY and I love him so much.

And last but not least for customs, I spent a while hunting down cheap Arceus kaiyodo figures and did a repaint project.

I tried to be as accurate as possible with colours. I mostly referenced from the zukan ! My next project is to do the movie mini figures (as you can see Ive got several unpainted ones)

And finally, collection pics!! I went to my old town and got a bunch of glass pieces cut to size for the Zukan. I kinda want to do individual shelves with a diorama for each one? Like have a beach/ocean scene for the water types and whatever for the beach, a forest scene, prarie scene, etc. I recently picked up diorama modelling again and it would make for a fun project !

To start off, giratina !!! I had sold off 50% of it a few years ago bc back when I first got with my current parter, I figured he would think of me as childish for having pokemon figures and I sold most of em like a dummy :,^) I got a lot of them back through Y!J and ebay, but I'm still missing a bunch of faves and dang they really went up in price (looking at you, DX Jakks giratina)

Plushies ! And larger figures. I'm currently on the hunt for any small BP plush.

Large figures and small, I tried to divide them by form.

Next up, Arceus! I've been really going after anything Arceus (except the kid figures). The zukan and chou get are almost complete! For zukan I am missing Draco + Psychic, for chouget Im missing Psychic, ground, electric, and steel. Keshipoke all I have is drago and the normal version lmao I'll eventually find the others. Maybe.

Back when D/P first came out, I really was not a fan of Palkia. I got both games but only played Diamond (until PT came out). Now I much prefer him over Dialga. I still have some items arriving from Y!J but everything is here for the most part.

Dialga/Rayquaza! These used to be MUCH bigger collections, but I honestly didn't like most of their figures so I gave most of them to my BFF as they are her favourite legendaries. For rayquaza, I only have two figures I'm actively looking for. Half of him got cut out thanks to imgur's awful cropping AI but you get the idea

This is where I keep my plushies (and oversized Zekrom) ! I bought a cupcake organizer off amazon and it kinda fits them if you squish them in. When I move I'm debating on getting a different shelf unit for my main collection pokemon so i can use the small floating glass shelves for my jets (as you can see some to the left)

My Sinnoh (and Hoenn) dragons ! The back 3 sinnoh dragons were 1/40 customs made by DS Studios. I don't know why I thought the official releases, save for the anniversary zukan, were actually 1/40. I realized relatively recently that a lot of the zukan are 1/50 or smaller :| Custom base for the BW Rayquaza as I didn't have the official. Hiding behind him are the JP and EU zukan releases and the nicer older JP release

Shelf # 1 of general zukan! Some years ago I wanted to collect every zukan. I had achieved 50% of em but wound up selling most of them off for the same reason mentioned earlier. Now I only collect ones I really like, even if they aren't 1/40 (aka Kyogre, primal groudon, and Regigigas)

Zukan part 2, the electric boogaloo ! There's a few non-zukan mixed in but they match perfectly with 1/40 sizing.

Part 3 ! This shelf is either a holding spot for zukan pending sale or ones that aren't exactly my fave but look cool.

KYUREM !! With some Zekrom/Reshiram mixed in. I definitely want to put these on their own shelf system bc they take up so. Much. Room. I learned from my mistakes last time and bought an extra set of kyurem TCG figures. I sold my old set and regretted it shortly after. I'm currently on the hunt for the mega charizard TCG figures.

Here are the bigger Kyurem that I can barely fit in my display case lol I got the JP electronic zekrom and reshiram recently, they came with their original packaging. I had to take them off bc they straight up would not fit.

These are general figures ! 80% of them came from lots. That Entei I got when i was probably 9 or 10. I had given it to my friend some years ago, and recently she gave it back to me as she was gonna get rid of it. Plus a poseable bowser figure (that was a childhood dream come true) !! I would like to organize this better but for now thats where it stays.

(art is mine)

And that's it for this long post!! I may post another collection walkthrough after I move in a few weeks.

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