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Hello, everyone! I ended up spending way too much on Pokemon stuff this month so I'm hoping to get back some money with sales. I also need the space so there are a bunch of items I'm willing to just give away (free with purchase or just pay shipping/fees).
I'm only shipping within the US right now though, sorry!

- Sales permission granted on Sept. 19, 2014 by entirelycliched
- Feedback link:
- Payment by paypal only please
- I ship from MI, USA
- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply
- People who commit first get priority

- I can sometimes be slow with replies/shipping depending on what I am doing at that time. Please be patient with me!
- Holds are okay as long as you are 100% committed. Just tell me how long and we can work something out
- I sometimes use recycled boxes for shipping materials
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items after they are in the hands of the post office
- There are no smokers or pets currently in my home, but my work does involve close interactions with dogs and cats. I always change and wash my hands before going to my room though
- You must ask for the freebies if you want them
- If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

I will also be advertising these sales on the Pkmncollectors Discord.
Trades are welcome for things on my wants list:
To make things easier for everyone, I have included shipping/fees in the prices this time.

Plush in Pokeballs Vol.2 (sleeping pikachu, ditto, pichu, chikorita, totodile, cyndaquil, voltorb, mareep) $15 shipped each
All have creased tags; they came to me like that. Cyndaquil's pokeball is broken.
I will also trade one of these for a wooloo in pokeball plush (as a gift for someone)

Plush in Pokeballs Vol.3 (zeraora, pukyumukyu, poipole, litten, popplio, rowlet, angry pikachu) $15 shipped each
All have creased tags; they came to me like that
I will also trade one of these for a wooloo in pokeball plush (as a gift for someone)

Mewtwo MPC plush MWT
Igglybuff Tomy plush, tush tag cut off
Sylveon tail plush mascot MWT
$12 shipped each

PLEASE GIVE THIS GUY A GOOD HOME! Piplup plush TTO, a bit loved condition. Only $5 shipped

Eevee and sylveon Easter plush, both MWT and still in plastic. Basically I ordered two of them on release just to ensure I got one since they tend to sell out quickly. So I'm selling off the extra for the price I got them at; sylveon $23 shipped and eevee $38 shipped

Rare Pitatto "magnet hands" eevee plush. After buying this one, a MWT one popped up so I'm selling the TTO one for the price I got it for. $60 shipped

BW light-up keychains (some of them might not light up anymore though) $7 shipped each

Moncolle GET figures $7 shipped each except the secret pearly vulpix and ninetales are $9 shipped each
I'm willing to give discounts to people who buy multiples of these.

Pokemon Center figure straps (vaporeon, jolteon, flareon)
Leafeon sequin charm
Pokemon Time figure straps (eevee, jolteon, flareon, umbreon)
All MIP $12 shipped each

Pokemon Time rubber straps (eevee, jolteon, flareon, leafeon) MIP $12 shipped each

Mix au Lait figures (jolteon x21, eevee) MIP $10 shipped each
Eevee Kid figure, a bit scruffed $5 shipped

La Maison de Eievui hair tie MIP $10 shipped
Pokekyun sticker sheet $5 shipped
Leafeon Pokemon Time tin $10 shipped
Blaziken metal keychain thing (no keychain) Make an offer

Bandai Poke Mofu Dolls MIB $10 shipped each

"Sleeping on the Cable" cord keeper figures MIP (sylveon, glaceon) $12 shipped each, ask for box if you want it

Eevee Tomy figure MIP $5 shipped

Pokemon mini dishes MIP (pichu soup bowl, ho-oh/lugia tray, pikachu/togepi dish, ditto cup and saucer, cleafiry/clefable pot) $10 shipped each

Eevee phone case with tail plush charm MIP $28 shipped OBO

Ultra Sun/Moon order bonus metal keychains MIP $10 shipped each or $18 shipped for both

Peeking pikachu large tote bag MWT $35 shipped
Pokemon Center pikachu tote bag $5 shipped or free with a purchase
Pokemon Time eeveelution tote bag MIP $10 shipped
Club Nintendo pikmin tote bag $10 shippedsold
US Pokemon Center tote bag (small x2, large x1 available) $5 shipped each or free with a purchase

Eevee Tamagochi MIP $45 shipped
Eevee Collection 2012 pouch MWT $12 shipped

Eevee/flareon fuzzy pouch with carabiner MWT $12 shipped each

Pins $5 shipped each

Lillie TCG deck box MIP $18 shipped

Alpha Sapphire used game $18 shipped

Pokemon Center BW ornaments $6 shipped for both sheets

Pokemon Center ornament MIP $5 shipped or free with a purchase

Eeveelution clear cards $5 shipped each
Halloween clear cards $4 shipped each

Peeking croagunk lot (phone case, box, handkerchief, and plush) all MWT $40 shipped

Pokemon Canvas sketchbook $20 shipped
Sylveon clearfile $6 shipped (I have multiples)

Sunflora and sunflowers handkerchief MIP $4 shipped or free with a purchase (I have multiples)

Jolteon GX, pikachu GX, umbreon & darkrai GX jumbo/oversized cards $5 shipped each

Pokemon Center postcards MIP
I'm not sure how rare they are, so I will be taking offers starting at $5 shipped each until this Thursday so I can ship them out Friday or Saturday
Postcard with litten/eevee/rockruff/yamper/scorbunny/rowlet/skwovet/piplup current top offer: $5 by diamondphantom

Any items beyond this point, if nobody expresses interest in them, I will either keep for personal use, donate/give away, or trash/recycle and they won't be up for sale again. Remember I can do holds too!

2004 Pokedolls handkerchief (I think it might be kinda rare?) used condition, there is a part where the string has been pulled on the back
Taking offers starting at $5 shipped until this Thursday so I can ship it out Friday or Saturday
Current top offer: $10 by yoshineko33

Costumed pikachu clearfile $5 shipped or free with a purchase
Various handkerchiefs/mini towels $8 shipped each

Pokemon Center flyers/pamphelets/pretty paper, free with a purchase

Pokemon Cafe paper bag, pikachu sticker, free with a purchasesold

Evil team costumed pikachu paper note stands $8 shipped for the set

Vaporeon/jolteon/flareon Campus mini notebooks set of 3 MIP $8 shipped
Vintage postcard set (2 available) $6 shipped each

Eeveelution tumbler lunch boxes MIP $15 shipped each or $28 shipped for both

Not sure if anybody would be interested, but I will take offers starting at $4 shipped for this empty drink bottle from Taiwan featuring eevee (plus wobbuffet on the cap). Offers end this Thursday so I can ship it out Friday or Saturday

Very broken watch featuring deoxys, rayquaza, pikachu, munchlax, plusle, and minun. This is an authentic watch from the deoxys movie. I used it when I was little until it stopped working because I got it wet, and it has been in storage ever since. The straps have come apart from the clock and I can't seem to put it back together... Just pay $4 for shipping/fees and it's yours

Very broken Pokemon Time torchic earphones. Does not work anymore; the cords near the earbuds have slightly torn, also is slightly dirty from use and the plastic on the cord has degraded(?) making it sticky... Just pay $4 for shipping/fees and it's yours

Expired candy. Seeing if people want them for the Pokemon featured on the wrapper, if not I'll throw them out. Free with a purchase
Candy 1 (3 available) features cyndaquil, cleffa, furret, and jigglypuff
Candy 2 (1 available) features pichu, charmander, bulbasaur, and part of togepi, squirtle, and teddiursa
Candy 3 (2 available) features pikachu, wooper, bellossom, and part of furret
Candy 4 (2 available) features mew, togepi, teddiursa, and part of celebi, pichu, and marill

My card trades/sales are still open too, updated with some Darkness Ablaze and Thai cards I recently got!

Thanks for looking!
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