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Collection Update + iso

long time no post! sorry that i made an intro post and basically disappeared for two years, i'm a shy and anxious guy. i appreciate all of your comments, though! i now am at a point where i can make plush in pokedoll style, but none of them have been actually pokemon related yet, so i'm not sure if i can post them.

also, i don't go by carrington anymore. i'm currently not sure what i wanna go by, besides strawberry.

picture heavy!

first, raichu/fave pokemon shelf update!

the hasbro grovyle plush! nobody else had bid on it, probably because it didn't even have a tush tag, which i don't mind, so i got it for a great price!

i started collecting pokedoll tags! also included a pic of every pokedoll i've gotten and kept (intact) for myself since my last post. i don't remember if i already said this, but i like to "free" the arms and tails of plushies that i don't plan on selling. hence why the raichus all have dangling tails.

got the other lillie nendo as a gift from my partner! idk where her ponytail is right now though u_u

iso- i'm looking to buy the new style leafeon and sylveon pokedolls from anyone in the community. i don't mind if they're tto or have no tags at all! they can be usa or jpn, i don't have a preference.

thank you for reading!
Tags: collection update, pokedolls, raichu
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