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Community Introduction/My Collection(s)


Well hello there pkmncollectors. Rashuak("Rash" works too) here, and I figured it's about time I join up seeing as I'd been lurking for a little while now, admiring all these great collections from afar.

About / My history with Pokemon

I'm a 90s kid so I grew up with the original Pokemon craze. I collected and traded the cards(never learned to play it, what am I some kind of nerd? *hides extensive MTG past*), watched the show somewhat regularly; even saw the 1st movie in theaters, and of course played the games. My first game was Yellow but not long after I'd accumulated Stadium, Snap, and most importantly Silver. I still consider Gen 1 to be my favorite when it comes to the Pokemon themselves, but Silver was where I fell in love with the property and what "Pokemon" means to me.
Fast forward and like many kids I "grew out" of Pokemon. I became enthralled with games like Halo and Morrowind and at some point foolishly gave away or traded in my games and cards. It would stay that way until ~2014 when I began dating a girl who; unlike me; never "fell out" of it. Suddenly I found myself with a 3DS and Soul Silver. I would go on to get X and Alpha Sapphire as well as get caught up in the initial PokemonGO frenzy, but the latter was short lived.
While I did enjoy my return to the games and sunk hundreds of hours into things like breeding they never really enraptured me like Silver had when I was a kid. What they DID do however was reignite my collector's passion and before long I was stalking eBay, determined to rebuild my original TCG collection. That led to my discovery of things like the Meiji cards and all these incredible lines of Pokemon collectibles that; living in the rural Midwest; I would never had guessed existed, let alone hope to ever own. That pretty much brings us to the present.

TL;DR - A "genwunner" who got back into collecting in the past couple years.

Collection Time!

I'm primarily interested in miniature figures(especially the Full Color/Battle Museum) and non-TCG cards(embossed Meiji, Carddass, etc.). My figures are mostly comprised of my favorite Pokemon; Bulbasaur line, Gyarados, Flareon, Haunter/Gengar, and Growlithe/Arcanine but realistically I know that the popularity of most of those means I'll never be able to "complete" their collections. On top of that some of my favorite figs turned out to be ones that I have zero real attachment to the Pokemon for.

Apologies beforehand about the composition and lighting, I still haven't gotten a proper shelf or set-up.

Not much to say, Bulbasaur has always been my favorite starter and might be my favorite evo-line of all time.

Always loved the lore and design of Gyarados, kept the red Gyarados from Rage Lake in my party on almost every play-through. The battle museum Gyarados is missing his attack-move piece.

Wait, what? Mewtwo's not listed in my favorites! This is as close to an "accidental" collection as it gets. It all started with the Amiibo and after finding the bottlecap figures at a yard sale, I couldn't NOT keep collecting.

Flareon is cute. The cutest little fire fox-cat-thing ever. Dogs are awesome and G/A are the original good boys of Pokemon. The Growlithe battle museum and metal figure are up there in my most prized collectibles.

I just love everything about the Gengar line. Simple but genius designs that are full of personality, I just wish Haunter got more love. The only line competing with Bulbasaur as my all-time favorite.

This is what I alluded to earlier about having favorite figs of non-favorite Pokemon. I can't explain why but I absolutely love this hitmonchan figure with his ice-punch and colored transparency. In general I think the semi-transparent minis are just amazing, and why I long for more battle museum/FCS

I got incredibly lucky and picked up the embossed Meiji 3-4 years ago on eBay for a couple dollars a piece and all are near-mint. I still browse for them but they seem to have gotten more scarce and pricey

Collection wants

I love all things full color stadium/battle museum, especially the semi-translucent figures. When it comes to particular wants though I can only think of a few off the top of my head. There was a Gyarados vs Venusaur diorama I recall seeing awhile ago but I don't know the product line and any Haunter/Gengar I can get my hands on to expand my meager catalog of the pair.

Well that about does it for my collection and intro. I do have a few packages coming with one particular "grail" of sorts so I'm going to try to DIY a display before then so I can update with better pics. Looking forward to being part of this community!
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