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August/September gets

Hello again everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. It's been a bit of a mess lately where I live, with all the fires and heatwave and whatntot. Hopefully now since its september I can finally enjoy some cool weather! Anyways, here are some gets from the past month or so! I've been buying mostly from people on discord since buying from japan is basically just "have your item sit in storage forever or pay  $40 for dhl" now.

I wanted to show these off first, as they are very special. These are little hand painted clay bells from tottori! And yes, these are official. They are part of the local acts promo, where pokemon team up with certain prefectures and get to be a mascot to them! Sandshrew was chosen as tottoris, and has gotten lots of unique handmade goods from local craftsmen.

Main collection stuff! For those of you who don't know, my main collections are the porygon and magnemite lines. Sadly I dont add much these days unless its a new release or something rare since I have so much already. But hey! Magnemite managed to get his nanoblock reprinted and a new candy get figure! The foam standee is old af and I got it from a discord user but its still mega neat. And I finally got the ngk badge I had been looking for, at a good price as well. The pc online badge I had actually bought back in april but it got stuck in delayed mail hell from japan and I finally got it about a month ago.

Doggies! Most of these are from japan actually, I decided to shell out for fedex since it wasnt toooooo much for everything. The hiroshima rockruff strap was a grail and I'm super happy I got it and for 500 yen! Houndour was actually a pickup from walmart since I had a gift card I wanted to use up.

And some latis~ the smiley banpresto was another grail and I got her for cheap as well. She was a bit dirty. but nothing some cleaning cant fix! I also finally picked up the clear kid and focus banpresto.

Annnnnd the sea pals! Just a couple pickups from lj users! I really like the little magnet the most. Angry whiscash is also a funny sight.

Most of these here were pickups from discord or lj users, minus the metal fig which I got off us mercari. I probably like the meowth
festa strap the most, but theyre all so cute!

Some other misc collection gets. starlys were from discord and the metal fig again from us mercari! The bewear cookie is a bit of a story so bear (lol) with me- I get my blood drawn quite often because of a med I'm on, and I usually stop by these japanese grocers for a bit after since theyre only a bit away from the hospital, and I get a snack or something since typically I get all woozy. Anyways, I go and check out the pokemon snacks and they still had bags of sm cookies! I decided to check what wrappers were in there since the bags have a little window, and bewear was in there! I'd never seen one before despite probably buying nearly a dozen of these bags previously. So that was a happy lil unexpected find!

Some more misc plushie gets! My bf got sick of me talking about how much I wanted the kartana plush and got me it as a gift along with a sleppy popper. Buizel was a nice lil ebay find, and the other two were a trade from a discord user!

And lastly a lil package of figures from Irrisichi on discord! Super happy to add all these guys to the horde, espcially lycanroc! I've been eyeing him for quite a while.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed.

Here are my wants as always- please lmk if you have any of these!


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